Favorite Phone Snaps of 2017

2017 wasn’t the greatest year for me and remains quite a blur. However, I’m quite pleased that I was able to shoot more film than I ever had. It was like I was the antithesis of my pseudonym Analogueblues. Although 35mm cameras were my go-to thing last year, they are heavy…and so my Iphone 5s was my primary digital camera. I noticed I started to take more scenic pictures with no humans, and I think it’s indicative of my feelings and emotions in 2017. These past few days I’ve been really inspired by other creators even though I’ve tried all year to not fall into too many slumps. I believe it might just be the ‘new year’ mood that’s in the air signifying a clean state, introspection, and the hope to make positive changes in ones’ life. The good thing is you can do this at any point in your life and at any time of the year, as long as you have a made up mind to do it. So as for this year, I plan to get back into instant photography to capture those small, mundane moments in life whether with family or friends. To continue experimenting with different photographic styles, color, and light. Whether it’s good or bad, I don’t want to stop creating art because I’m doing what makes me happy. Continue reading “Favorite Phone Snaps of 2017”

Rapper’s Delight Playlist

khiphop playlist

I know I started off with the Morning Dew Playlist in the early years of this blog, but I don’t find myself listening to as much Korean indie because they usually sound relatively the same. Even more so than K-pop, I end up listening to more K-hip hop than anything else. I don’t plan on killing the Morning Dew Playlist, but right now it’s at a standstill until i’m in the mood to listen to whispery, airy music accompanied with melodica’s and egg shakers. This playlist is a little dated because I made the image and then didn’t bother to actually make a blog post about it, but the songs highlighted in pink I’m always replaying.  Continue reading “Rapper’s Delight Playlist”