Korean Indie Music (Morning Dew Playlist 1)

Since my tween years, I’ve come to learn about real music. My discovery required me to take a step back from all of the mainstream junk, and delve into a whole new dimension of such beautiful and meaningful music that allows yourself to drift off into your own little world. Sometimes I feel that if I had the chance to meet my past self, I would punch her…why did it take me so long to learn about this hidden gem in the musical world?! But now that I have redeemed myself, I would like to share my sweet discoveries with others. I’m focusing on Korean Indie music which i discovered…like today…I won’t lie. I do have a number of Korean indie songs in my Itunes that I love, but I never went out to search for more till today. So here it goes. I’ll start off with the songs I had beforehand, and a number of things I have recently found. When I find more, i’ll keep adding.

Playlist on my Itunes: Morning Dew

~He Says He Loves Me-Standing Egg
~Have We Met?-Toy
~Sweet-Fanny Fink
~Song A-Seasame and Cotton Candy
~Morning Call-Ibadi

I got these song recommendations from the infamous Dramabeans, take a peek: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/05/javabeans-playlist-1-spring-is-here/

Sounds I found along the way (I might have found one of my favorite Korean indie bands>10cm):

~Only U-10cm
~It’s so Nice-10cm
~A Good Day-Alex Clazzquai
~It Wasn’t Love-Fromm
~One Fine Day-Morrie
~Kiss-Standing Egg
~Having Nothing is Merit-Oksang Dalbit
~Perfume-Busker Busker
~Aloha-Standing Egg
~First Love-Busker Busker
~Like a Wave-Clover
~Hey Billy-10cm
~Do You Remember the Day We First Met-316
~Butterfly Fly Away-Urban Zapaka
~Altogether Alone-Be the Voice
~Give Me a Hug-10cm
~Fever-Mighty Koala
~Bloom-Busker Busker
~Ramen King-Milktea
~The Words I Love-Standing Egg
~Today’s Song-Nonolina
~Cherry Blossom Ending-Busker Busker
~Keep Going-Standing Egg

Music with the same soft sound but from drama OST’s:

~Because I Miss You-Jung Yong Hwa (Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen for Me)
~Flowers into Bloom- Alex Clazziquai and Horan (Only You/Always)
~Will You Kiss Me-G.NA (Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss)
~That Man-Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)
~Under the Moonlight-Heora (The Moon that Embraces the Sun)
~Back in Time-Lyn (The Moon the Embraces the Sun)
~Tip Toe Love-Hong Pei Yu (In Time With You)
~I Still Will-Wei Li An (In Time With You)
~My Girlfriend is a Gumiho-Lee Sun Hee (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)
~After a Long Time-Baek Ji Young (Rooftop Prince)
~Love is Crying-K.Will (King 2 Hearts)

I like different type of genres, but this kind I usually save for the mornings because sometimes I don’t want fast pace music bumping in my head. Or if it’s raining, just to lie down and listen to this genre gives me a warm feeling. My search will definitely continue, and if you have any recommendations, please feel free to share!

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