Analogue Blues

The whole analogueblues name comes from the utter tragedy of being on a high schooler budget, and not being able to buy delicious, juicy cameras. If you find yourself spending hours looking up cameras on eBay and not being able to buy them…well then you might have the analogue blues…or digitalblues for that matter.

When I purchased my first 35mm camera in 2010, that became the trigger to my photography madness now. Then, and even now, I have the burning desire to capture the warmest and even saddest moments of life, but having the materials to do so is a whole different story. I would like this section of the blog to encourage myself and others that are beginning on this road to photography. It has so many twists and turns, and come to think of it…this road may not even have an ending. You can always learn something new in photography, no matter how amateur or pro you are.

So to begin, I actually just ordered a dslr…I’m way past the point of my point and shoot, and I really want to step up my game. My point and shoot has done a very nice job till now, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things! After getting my dslr, I will have a digital camera, a 35mm camera, and an instant camera. This will be my prime gear, and I have promised myself to work with these 3 cameras until I learn enough to move on to even cooler things.

Tip #1: Do not stress over about buying new and expensive camera gear if you feel you haven’t mastered the basics. Even if you are an amateur photographer, become a pro at the camera(s) you own first, and then become really obsessed about buying a new camera by watching unboxing videos of it for hours on end on Youtube… 

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