So it turns out the modern world has decided to get into the world of lomo photography. This time not manually, but digitally. There are so many apps that can turn a plain, boring photo, into a retro looking photo just with the click of a button. Heck, you can even choose from a variety of options and see which one fits your photo better, it’s great… Or is it?

I think that more people learning about the world of analogue photography is a great thing. I believe more so that learning to do it manually is even better. It’s like creating a work of art, just the way you want it to be. But sometimes if you’re not skilled in a creative capacity, you can just have a program do it for you instead. Instagram is a great app to turn your wack photos into a photo with kooky coloring, light leaks, vignetting, and all that other awesome jazz that comes along with analogue photography. Even though now there are a lot of softwares to make your photos look retro, there’s nothing like the real deal. So it would be nice for everyone, even me, to take a step back sometimes and learn how to manipulate cameras, especially the “toy” ones, into getting that retro styled photo.

Anyways, enough yapping. Here are my instagram photos so far. My number one rule is to take all instagram photos with my ipod touch. I’m not quite a fan of people who upload photos onto Instagram that were taken with a dslr or anything other than an iphone or ipod touch*. I feel it really pays to challenge yourself by using the app for what it was originally intended for.

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*And apparently Instagram is open to Android users too.

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