That Winter, That Wind Blows Ep 1-7

I wasn’t sure how to go about writing this post. And even now, I’m still not completely sure…just decided on a whim to write what I’m feeling. I watch dramas by myself, and I keep all my feelings bottled inside, so I’ve decided to let them out on here. Maybe it’s just me. But when I watch dramas, I feel that I don’t look into them very deeply unless I really like it, and it has completely captivated me to the point of obsession. I figured I should use all those english lessons of critically analyzing boring literature and actually put it to good use on something I really enjoy talking about.

TWTWB Edit 1
On that note, I want to talk about the melodrama drama, That Winter, That Wind Blows, which is currently airing in South Korea. Let’s just make it clear, that if you have bothered to go through my Asian Drama lists..the only melodramas you are going to see are movies. I do not like melodramas. If I watch one, I want it to end quickly because I can’t bother with all the lying, backstabbing, dramatic music..I don’t know, what else do they consist of? When I heard that Jo In Sung (What Happened in Bali, A Dirty Carnival) was going to be the male lead, I got really interested because I saw him in A Dirty Carnival, a.k.a the day I fell in love, and in bits and pieces of What Happened in Bali. I’ve never fully seen one of Song Hye Kyo’s (Autumn Tale, Full House, The World That They Live In) works. I skimmed Full House, and I watch The World That They Live In when I’m extremely bored..But anyhow, after seeing the teasers I got really excited. Plus i saw the movie Love Me Not! False. I skimmed the movie Love Me Not. So I think I was pretty prepared to watch my first melodrama (Not sure if anything else on my list on dramas count as melo).

Main Characters:

TWTWB Edit 2

Oh Young played by Song Hye Kyo:
She is such a layered character. Where do I even start? Now that her “brother” is back, she is trying to make up for the gap of separation between her and Oh Soo. It’s really depressing that till now there hasn’t been a single person she could trust even when her father was alive (Jung Sung might be an exception). To address whether she might know if Oh Soo is really her brother, well. I think she does. Oh Young has proven to be a very clever girl, partly because of her blindness, her other senses have to make up for her inability to see. And let’s face it, Oh Soo has not done a great job in covering up his lie. Even if she knows, she’s at a point where she wants to believe there is someone she can trust. The fact that her and Oh Soo’s first meeting went fairly well (on her part), means that even if he’s lying to her now, he is giving her what she needs and she has what he needs, so it becomes a win-win situation. And even though he was sorta a douche at first, he took the time to read that letter for her and tell her that the real Oh Soo loves her. At this point I think Youngie has convinced herself that he’s the real Oh Soo…self-fulfilling prophecies can be very scary.

TWTWB Edit 3

Oh Soo played by Jo In Sung:
Why didn’t you just bump into the rich heiress “accidentally”, act like you have fallen in love with her, she falls in love with you, then you really fall in love with her. You tell her you can’t be with her because you owe some money to gangsters, and she comes running back to you, pleading with you to stay saying she will pay it off. She does. You guys get married. Have precious little babies. The End. If only it went that way, I mean cmon writers, hundreds of other dramas work that way. Yet they took the incest not really incest lonely blind heiress route. I find it funny that Oh Soo who keeps running into life and death situations is the man who desperately wants to live, while Oh Young wants to die. Makes me wonder who’s really the blind one here.

Supporting Characters:

TWTWB Edit 5

Moon Hee Sun played by Jung Eun Ji:
I don’t like any character that tries to get in the way of the OTP. And yeah it’s kinda weird and all since the OTP are suppose to be brother and sister, but I have hard time looking at it from that point of view since I know Oh Soo is lying. Oddly, I understand where Hee Sun is coming from. First off, she loves Oh Soo, and she knows that Oh Soo was important to her sister. Because Oh Soo is at fault for being the cause of her sister’s death, I don’t think she’s going to hand him over easily. She probably wants to use his guilt against him as a reason to stay by her side.

TWTWB Edit 8

Park Jin Sung played by Kim Bum:
BUMMIEEEE! Funny how he is playing the sidekick again just like he did in Padam Padam. I don’t have much to say about him. Kim Bum is doing a fantastic job playing this character. I hope he doesn’t betray Oh Soo and goes to work with Moo Chul. But when someone is pushed to the edge, they have to do what they have to do to survive. I personally don’t think he’ll go that far though.

Minor Characters:

Wang Hye Ji: I do not trust her. After letting the president die like that. And I feel the drama tries to make us sympathize with her actions. She stares off into the distance, sighs, frowns her eyebrows in a sort of sorrowful way. I will not give in though.

TWTWB Edit 6

 Jo Moo Chul: Is it me or does this guy have a distinct little scar at the corner of his right eye? Every time they do a close up of his face i can see it. I’m not sure if that’s just how his eyes are, or if that’s for aesthetic reasons. Obviously I don’t like him. And I wonder to myself. Dude. You asked Oh Soo to pay the money back in 100 days. Why do you keep meddling into his business…that means you don’t just care about the money. After a few episodes it is revealed why he hates Oh Soo so much. He wants to punish Oh Soo for not taking care of his first love. He stepped back because she loved Oh Soo, and it ends tragically with her dying. It’s unfortunate, but to hide his sorrow, he keeps placing all the blame on Oh Soo.

TWTWB Edit 4

Lee Myung Ho: I hate him.

Jang Sung: I trust/don’t trust him. It’s weird because he’s loyal to the president’s wishes but he also likes Secretary Wang soooooo. I really hope there’s at least ONE person besides Oh Young in whom she can trust. I really hope he doesn’t let me down 😦

TWTWB Edit 7

 That Winter, That Wind Blows broadcasts every Wed and Thu. Tune in if you can, it’s well worth it! 🙂 

Official That Winter, That Wind Blows Website:그%20겨울%20바람이%20분다

*All credit goes to SBS for the photos.

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