That Winter, That Wind Blows Ending Commentary

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Initially I was going to follow up with a That Winter, That Wind Blows episode 8-16 review, but that’s a lot of work. So I’ll only comment on the ending which is what pretty much everyone was unsure about. I had no idea if this drama would follow the movie, and if it did, I repeatedly told myself to prepare my heart for any surprises. My obsession slowly subsided after those 7 episodes, things did get a bit slower, but I’m glad I tuned in. I wouldn’t watch this drama completely all over again, but I will re-watch snippets when I want to see Jo In Sung‘s beautiful face.

Things Established in Episode 16:
*We were already aware that Youngie loves Oh Soo, but I was wondering if she would ever be able to forgive him. Or will she just continue to put up a facade in front of him, while she cries all alone about him. Indeed, overtime she is planning to forgive him, and to understand why he did the things he did. We know this because both of them promise to meet each other after her surgery.

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*I wrote in my previous post about this drama that I was hoping Jin Sung wouldn’t betray Oh Soo, but when someone is pushed to the edge, they will do anything to survive. I should’ve seen Jin Sung’s betrayal from the get go. Throughout the drama, Jin Sung’s loyalty was tested COUNTLESS times. It was inevitable that he would have to truly make a choice in the end. But I mean come on, let 4 people die to save one? I probably wouldn’t go through with it either. It hurts though that yet again, Oh Soo is truly alone in this world, and the only person at this point that will love him is Youngie.

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*Secretary Wang does love Youngie, and I’m not sure if she deserves to stay by her side after all she did, but both her and Youngie need each other to survive. I really liked the scene where Secretary Wang explained to Oh Young that in this world, you can’t endure everything by yourself, you need someone. It’s like the notion that no man is an island. I think Secretary Wang was initially driven by jealously of  Oh Young’s mother’s life. The connection she had with her children and the motherly love that remained with them even when she was gone. Secretary Wang wanted that, and she wanted to do anything in her power to receive that from Oh Young. I say this because I’m remembering the scene where she discovers the hidden room in the greenhouse, and she can see Oh Young’s mother there, she is petrified. Probably more so to the fact that she cannot face the mother of the child whose life she destroyed. Oh Secretary Wang, I still don’t like you very much, but if Youngie accepts you, I will too.

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Alive vs. Dead
The burning question right now is whether or not Oh Young and Oh Soo are both alive or dead. I’ll be honest, as the drama was approaching its last minutes, I was just waiting for a piece of dialogue or scene where they would give us a clear-cut answer to this question. I’m still befuddled over this issue, but what I can say is that the evidence that both are alive is much more prominent than the evidence that both are dead. This drama stressed the motifs of life and death to a point where it manifested itself someway or another in every episode. Was this drama just about two people trying to find a reason to live? Or was it two people trying to find a reason to love, and in that, whether they live or die, their love will forever remain alive. It’s so complicated, that just thinking about it makes me want to run. I’ll just go on and give the final verdict to satisfy my heart that they both lived. Even if they died, the important  thing is that they have found each other again, and they will live happily ever after, in heaven or on earth.

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I’m sure there are more symbolic things that went on in this drama. It was practically screaming, “SEE THIS CLOSE UP SHOT? THIS IS IMPORTANT. KEEP THIS IN MIND!” But I don’t want to get to convoluted and worked up on it. Speaking of close up shots, I felt this episode had even more of it than it ever did. Especially on Youngie’s face. It was very white, dreamy, and blurry. Some people say it’s because they are in heaven. I think it allows the audience to feel like they are experiencing the process of Youngie’s eyes healing just like she is.

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Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.21.12 AM

Favorite Scene in Episode 16:
I thought it was funny when Oh Soo told her that he was afraid she would be disappointed with the way he looked. I thought to myself, if she’s disappointed, then the girl must really be blind!

Other Stuff:
*OST is amazing.
*Cinematography is out of this world.
*Acting is superb.

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Final Thoughts:
For a melodrama, I think That Winter, That Wind Blows takes it home. I’m not sure when i’ll be able to see another melodrama like this because I don’t really like the genre, but now I’m a bit more open to trying them out. Jo In Sung coupled with Song Hye Kyo was a match made in heaven, and I am still utterly amazed by how both brought these characters to life. Not only with words, but with their stares, with their eyes, every movement of their body spoke through us viewers. This drama was very enchanting, and by that I mean I was completely lost in their world every time I watched it. I was able to invest my emotions into the characters and feel their hurt, their happiness, and in my book, if a drama is able to do that it was definitely worth watching.

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*All credit goes to SBS for the photos.


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