Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo Commentary (Episode 1-5)

Itazura Love in Tokyo

Currently I am watching 3 sageuks which is a milestone for me because till now I have shown absolutely no interest in historical Korean dramas. However, I find myself indulging in fusion historical dramas with a modern twist because the plot lines can be a bit more flexible. It’s nice to have Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo as a modern-day drama to balance the soulful food I’m receiving from the period dramas. Having a simple light meal is always welcomed in my book. Even though the story may seem stale because it is something I am very much familiar with, this version is actually a breath of fresh air as surprising as that sounds.

If you don’t know how biased I am when it comes to Itazura na Kiss, then read my previous post here. I never expected any other actors to surpass Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng’s acting in It Started With a Kiss, but apparently they are out there! The lead actors are doing very well in identifying and interpreting each of the characters. What makes Ariel Lin so good at Xiang Qin is her ability to submerge herself completely into the character. When Xiang Qin is hurt, I feel hurt, when Xiang Qin is in a state of bliss, so am I. What makes Joe Cheng excel in bringing Zhi Shu to life is his nonverbal movements. Zhi Shu talks with his eyes and with his gestures because he is not exactly a man of many words, and when he does speak, it can be jarring. Furukawa Yuki in Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo is pretty much acing this technique which is making me fall more in love with him in each episode.

Miki Honoka is also doing very well with Kotoko’s character. Many people seem to find Xiang Xin incredibly dumb because for a long time she remains insensitive to the love that Zhi Shu has for her. In Love in Tokyo, Kotoko’s character is still a blockhead but not to the point of hair pulling and eye twitching. So far her mindlessness is kept to a minimal and her good characteristics, which is her caring and persistent nature, are what shine through. So even though I am biased, if you are coming into this drama without knowing anything about Itazura na Kiss, this Japanese adaption has the right balance of sweet, funny, and romance for its viewers.

For 16 episodes, Love in Tokyo is progressing quite nicely. In the Taiwanese adaption, there were 2 seasons which means more episodes and more time to drag out the story and make the audience go nuts waiting for Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu to get together. Knowing this, the current Japanese adaption is touching on the most important parts in the Kotoko-Naoki relationship which is good. I’m not sure how far they intend on going, but already we are on the 5th episode and they are going to enter college so I’m expecting a wedding at the end of this. Speaking of their wedding, the manga which is currently ongoing is at Chapter 39 and Kotoko and Naoki just got married. It happened so fast that it left me dazed, I liked seeing it as a drama much better than reading it because 2-D can only go so far in making a story come to life.

I hope you are enjoying the drama as much as I am, and if you haven’t started it yet, torture yourself by waiting for it to finish, or just start watching it now!

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  1. im waiting to another part after her weeding in mitchivos kiss,,i hope its soon,part 2 in mitchivos kiss

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