You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episode 17-20]

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 9.42.59 PMMy plan was to go back to episodes 11-16 and write comments on them…but when I started to do just that, there really wasn’t much to write about. Those were some really s l o w episodes, and until episode 17 came along, that’s when things started moving. I actually took the time to make a T-chart listing the differences in plot development between You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin and Ojakgyo Brothers…and alas, I just came to the conclusion that I can’t compare apples to oranges. However, the truth still points to the fact that by this time in the Ojakgyo Brothers story line, I was completely invested in the show more so than how I currently am with Lee Soon Shin. Still, You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin is providing me with some form of entertainment. Is it just me, or not many dramas have been doing just that this month. It’s a barren land out there, I’ve only been keeping up with this drama, Itazura na Kiss, Ten 2, and I’m trying to bite my tongue and continue to watch Jang ok Jung: Living in Love ever since it lost its spark. Enough complaining though, let’s talk about Lee Soon Shin 🙂

Because there are just so many things that can be addressed in this drama, instead of writing huge pedantic paragraphs, I’m going to copy, paste and edit (a lot) of what I write while I’m watching each episode. I only write about what really stands out to me and there are episodes of a massive amount of occasional fangirling). Scroll down to whichever episode you are curious to know my thoughts about!

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Episode 17:
I can’t even begin to describe the loathsome feelings I have toward Mi Ryung’s Manager.
*Soon Shin’s mother is still throwing a pity party. And now she’s told Joon Ho that she will only allow her daughter to be under him for 1 month instead of 6. NICE GOING MOM! Now you are forcing Joon Ho to dedicate ALL of his time (not like he doesn’t already) with Soon Shin to make them fall in love even faster. HA!
*I love writing my feelings about dramas because then I start to predict things, and since I have it written down, I can go back and see if i’m correct. And what do you know. If I remember correctly, in the last post I said Yeong Ah still likes Joon Ho, and she is going to start hating Soon Shin when she realizes she is “stealing” people from her. She believes that she has won one victory, which is snatching Mi Ryung back, but now Joon Ho is out of her grasps. Well actually, even though he is starting to pay attention to her less and less, he is still doing the bet so he is still in her grasp. (This was an obvious prediction though)
*Joon Ho kind of just casted a spell on himself. He told Lee Soon Shin to make his heart flutter, because if she does, she will be able to make everyone’s heart flutter. As they say, ask, and you shall receive.
*GREAT! Another horrible mother to add to the list of horrible mothers. Soon Shin’s mom isn’t horrible, but right now I’m not liking her. I understand her reasons, but I don’t like her actions. Suppressing her anger would be robotic like, but if you have the confidence that you have raised your child well, and that your child really loves you and will never forget your kindness, then that should ease your heart. Soon Shin is not like her blood mother, she is not vain. Even though she is disobeying her parent at the moment, she is always looking out to please her parents and to make them proud of her. Even if she gets close to Mi Ryung, the Mi Ryung she is getting to know is a phony. Once she knows her true colors she will come running back to you. Although, eventually finding out Mi Ryung’s true colors and selfish deeds will break her heart, Soon Shin will ultimately not want to leave the family she knows and loves.
*I am soooooo so so sooooo happy the baker guy overheard the conversation. Their relationship needed this push to finally get things moving along. He needs to know that she is very much available so that he can start hitting on her! I am so ready for his crazy antics and her falling for him so hard.
*I looooooooooove Doctor Park right now. Yu Shin is totally falling for him. I love that he has been honest with his feelings and he is going all out with it. You can just see the hearts in his eyes and his glowing smile. Even though she is a headstrong woman, when she’s with him, she wants to be taken care of, she wants a man that she can depend on so she doesn’t need to fight by herself all the time. She is proud believer in female independence, and I’m all for that, but shes’s obviously cautious of giving in to someone completely and making their world revolve around her. It’s nice to see Yu Shin and Soon Shin’s sisterly love slowly coming together. (Boong-do, Hee Jin-ah and I miss youuu ❤ Stay safe in the army)

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Episode 18
Joon Ho senses that Yeong Ah is trying to get back with him. That’s right! Stop her dead in her tracks!
*First sign of falling in love (in rom coms): The guy or girl aimlessly stare off into the distance thinking about the person whom they will eventually fall in love with. Then after enjoying a few moments of bliss and squishy feelings, they abruptly stop themselves from thinking about that person and wonder why they are acting this way. LOOOVE LOOVE LOVE.
*This is kind of funny to watch. The drama first began with Soon Shin’s mom bragging about how awesome her daughters are, and now they are dropping disappointments after disappointments. Now it’s Gil Ja’s turn to show off her son. She’s just basking in his glory of attractiveness and intelligence. Wait till she finds out who he is dating. She’s gonna flip!
*People love to talk about other people without facts. This is the most annoying thing that happens in practically every drama out there. Seeing it in dramas though makes me think about how often it happens in the real world. Who doesn’t like to know a juicy tidbit here and there.
*Get outta here with that “I didn’t want my daughters feelings hurt” bull crap Mi Ryung. You are so egoistic, I am suffocating in your hubris. I just can’t take seeing your face anymore.
*That enticing devil. DON’T FALL FOR IT JOON HO. BE SURPRISED, BUT DO NOT BE ENTICED.(Don’t take me too seriously…I just get a bit heated with some characters…doesn’t everyone?)

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Episode 19
So Woo Joo-ah does know her father had an affair. All this time she kept blaming her mom for divorcing her father, and she would ask her mom why she did that. But she herself knows, she just doesn’t want to accept it. Poor kid.
*The Mom back then married to her husband and not having a clue about Soon Shin’s birth secret would have opposed her eldest daughters’ decision to get a divorce. But now that’s not the case. She kind of got screwed over because of a man, now her daughter gets screwed over too. She must feel like hell right now. And everything the grandmother is saying about making them get back together is going through my ear and out the other. Lady, what kind of person are you to force your own grandchild to get back together with a cheating man. Ugh. I really dislike the elders in family dramas. The only elder I ever liked was the gramps in Creating Destiny. He was awesome.
*This Yeon-ah girl makes my skin crawl with every word that comes out of her mouth. You miss the old days? Pfft. She needs to get acting lessons from her “mother” because neither I nor Joon Ho-shi buy her little act.
*OH MY HEART. Look at that dashing smile he made when she called his name. He’s going to fall for her first obviously, because she’s a bit too dense to figure out her feelings at the moment. Judging from her nonverbal movements when she was with Doctor Park, she still has a crush on him.
*How shameful is Yi Jung? Not only once, but NUMEROUS times she’s been saying that Doctor Park could just dump his girlfriend and date her. I think this girl pisses me off more so than Yeon ah. And her mom doesn’t even correct her.

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Episode 20
Can I borrow Mi Ryung for a quick second? 🙂 I’m not sure she’s going to come back though. I’m sending her on a little vacation 🙂
*KAWAIIIIIII. The baker guy is so awesome! I love how he is using the very thing he is well versed about (bread), to make her feel better. I smile whenever he comes on the screen because I really do laugh when he acts all crazy and all.
*The baker guy is the dad reincarnated! He keeps finding out the secrets of the Lee family. He better watch out, or he’ll be killed off too.
*And she quit acting again…hurry back please because I’m waiting for you to fall in love. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 10.34.22 PM

Anddddd that’s a wrap for this week. I had to edit this picture a bit because it looks so sweet. This is the closest our OTP has gotten…The way Joon Ho looked at her after he pulled her out of the way was very different than a close friend protecting you from danger. She had the oblivious/surprised look which is expected, but he looked down with a hint of affection in his face. Gahhh, I can’t wait for them to finally acknowledge that they like each other. Till next time!

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