You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Criticism

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 12.39.25 AMYou’re the Best Lee Soon Shin is a little over pass the halfway mark, but sadly our OTP aren’t even halfway in to falling in love. I can count the number of times there have been heart thumping moments between them on my fingers. Not including the countless number of times Joon Ho has stared intently at Soon Shin with a look of concern which not once has she returned. Yes she has looked at him, but not in the way she should be by now. My worry is that a year from now, when I want to go back and watch snippets from YTBLSS here and there, I will have to start all the way from the episodes in the late 30’s to 50 in order to see really cute, heart thumping moments from the OTP. I really don’t want that to happen. I want these moments to be embedded from the very beginning till it completely overtakes them and they end up marching down that aisle at the end.

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I don’t want to keep comparing this to Ojakgyo Brothers..but this weekend I went back and skimmed through some OB episodes starting from ep 26. In episode 26, Ja Eun-ah confessed, and even Tae hee-shi slightly confessed. They already laid down the foundation for their love to build up. Knowing this, I SEE ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION BETWEEN THE OTP IN YTBLSS*. I know they are dealing with the whole birth secret, but they have left Soon Shin and Joon Ho’s love development on the back burner. All Joon ho has been doing these past few episodes is yelling at Mi Ryung, getting yelled at by Soon Shin, and staring off into the distance thinking about Soon Shin while she enjoys a sweet time with her cafe boss. You could say the first arc of this drama was the whole acting issue (to act, or not to act, that is the question). Now we’re in the birth secret arc, but their “romance” is no where to be found. I see Joon Ho as an older guy taking care of some emotional recked young girl to be honest. Whereas in OB, I saw Ja Eun-ah and Tae Hee-shi as equals. Although after skimming through those OB episodes, when Ja Eun-ah moved out of the Hwang family home in ep 26…she didn’t come back untll ep 32 soooooo it looks like my frustration with YTBLSS will continue for a few weeks until this kinda blows over.
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I feel that Mi Ryung is getting another chance to repent of her ways before it’s too late, but she’s totally ruining her moment. Soon Shin seems to be the only person who can be able to change her for the better. Not saying that if she changes she will not face any consequences because she should, but she needs to stop blaming others for her predicament. Yes you did do wrong, you were the one who started it all actually. Anyways, I’ve come way to far in this drama, and I am definitely not dropping it. But I really hope it will get its priorities straight. I don’t care if Soon Shin goes back to acting at this point…ok I do care, but I rather see her smiling it up with Joon Ho than battling her crisis on how to handle two mothers.
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*Ok, there is some deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeep connection…but it is very faint. At the pace they are going I’m not sure their story will end in a wedding. Maybe Hye Shin-ah will remarry, and Yu Shin-ah will also give in. But Joon Ho and Soon Shin? Ehhh (Seolma), as of right now I can’t see the possibility.

4 thoughts on “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Criticism”

  1. I also was looking forward to Soon Shin and Joon Ho’s romance, unfortunately I think they will still continue the ‘I am your mother’ for at least 3 eps – but they do seem to start with their romance, or at least from Joon Ho’s part. Until then I’m having my serving of cute-romance with Hye Shin and the bread guy. ^ ^

    1. Oh yeah, Jin Wook-shi is pretty much my favorite character right now. Although Hye Shin’s daughter totally gets in their way which is expected, I can’t wait till she starts tutoring him one on one 😀

  2. Omg, I love OB so much! It is one of the few family dramas that I ever watched, all for Ja Eun/Tae Hui. They remain the best OTP of 2012 for me for their chemistry alone. I heard that Joo Won and Uee almost started dating on set and I’m not one to fall for that PR trick but their chemistry was so insanely good (in the drama and behind-the-scenes, Joo Won couldn’t look at Uee without smiling or breaking out into giggles) that I could easily believe that. I really wish they would release Ja Eun/Tae Hui cut of the drama so I don’t have to ff endlessly through all the other parts of the drama (although the mother and Ja Eun’s relationship was interesting too at times).

    1. Gahhhhhh I’m so happy to know that you love OB too! This is one of my favorite bts cuts that I’ve come across: (Someone did translate this video long ago, but I forgot where I saw it)
      Look at how he keeps looking back at her, and those dimplesssss!!! And this deleted scene:
      If I knew I was going to love this drama to bits, I would have isolated all those delicious scenes while it was airing :/

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