You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episode 21-30]

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This was probably Soon Shin’s last smile before pandora’s box bursted open. These past 10 episodes have been filled with so much angst, and I’m sure there’s more on the way. I’ll save the major issues I’ve been having with the pacing of this drama because I dedicated a post to it here. I recently listened to Dramabeans’ podcast which included a little tidbit about YTBLSS, and I laughed so much because they took the words right out of my mouth. At this point, I am totally zoned out of this drama, I just want it to finish. It’s been so long since Joon Ho and Soon Shin had some cute interaction, that when they finally got to it in episode 30, my heart was a little cold towards it. If they keep adding in these moments, then I will be able to warm up and feel comfortable with this couple, because at this point, I feel very skeptical. The only character that I’m liking is the baker guy. Everyone else is crazy.

Because there are just so many things that can be addressed in this drama, instead of writing huge pedantic paragraphs, I’m going to copy, paste and edit (a lot) of what I write while I’m watching each episode. I only write about what really stands out to me. Scroll down to whichever episode you are curious to know my thoughts about!

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Episode 21:
Wow. the mom is all smiles now that Soon Shin is back. Let’s see how long those smiles are gonna last.
That little girl has an attitude problem. Obviously that’s not the most important thing in the show, but she’s seriously a brat. It’s one thing to not like someone, but being rude is another.
I’m loving the relationship between Yoo Shin-ah and Chan Woo’s mom. They are both sassy, have quick tongues…it’s going to be fun watching them have to to learn to stand one another.
I know there will be a happy ending. I am positive about it. But at this point, I’m getting a bit anxious to see how all these issues will be resolved. I see no hope in Soon Shin becoming an actress. I see no hope in her falling in love with Joon Ho. I’m really curious as to how all of this will unfold. I don’t want to compare this to Ojakgyo Brothers, but by episode 18, we were already seeing signs of both OTP falling in love (When Ja Eun-ah tied Tae Hee-shi’s tie). It was simple, but with their awkward movements and eye gazes, the viewer could see something fishy between them. Till now I can still remember the different arcs of the Ojakgyo Brother’s plot.

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Episode 22:
Everyone and their mama is finding out the big secret.
The baker guy is so funnyyyy. I wonder why he was in jail.
I really love that Chan Woo continually makes it plain that he has a girlfriend.
Yayyy Hye Shin found out. Time to do a celebratory dance. Actually, it doesn’t even faze me when the secret starts to slowly seep out. I just need the story to keep moving forward because it’s been kind of slow.
The mother-daughter relationship between Mi Ryung and Yeon-ah screams all kinds of fake to me. Im a bit disgusted.
Well if there’s one thing that Mi Ryung is right about, it’s on the matter of Yi Jung’s mother spoiling her, that’s why she is the way she is. Other than that, Mi Ryung is a crappy mother and person.

Episode 23:
Joon Ho’s mother is just mad because Mi Ryung spoke the truth. How can you criticize her for being single.
I love that Joon ho is telling Yeon ah straight up. He already gave her a chance and she, not himself, broke their relationship. Yeon ah is very self-centered just like Mi Ryung. She wants the world to revolve around her. And I get the fact that you want things to go well in your life, who doesn’t? But you used a person, and after you chew her up and spit her out, you feel no guilt or sympathy. This is where Joon ho is different from you. This is also why you don’t deserve him.
YAY. We finally know a little bit more about Jin Wook-shi since he opened up to Hye Shin-shi. He’s a really lovable guy. And I can tell that he is capable of loving her unconditionally till death do them part. Hye Shin seems to not have looked at him in a different light, while he is just head over heels for her. The scene where Hye Shin stops her work to look at her daughter sleeping, sighs, and then resumes her translating work was very touching. I think in order for Jin Wook-shi to get to Hye Shin, he has to get through her daughter, When Hye Shin see’s how much he is willing to care for the both of them, she will accept him into her heart. I really love the older character love lines sometimes more so than the younger ones. They are old enough to have been through a lot, and all they need in their life is a second chance to get it right. Now that I think about it, this drama says a lot about second chances.
Second chances:
-Soon Shin is given the second chance to have a family and a place to call home.
-Lee Hye Shin is given a second chance at love.
-Jin Wook-shi is given a second chance to make his grandmother proud.
– [Added in after ep 26] Mi Ryung is also being given a second chance to repent of her ways as a mother and as a human.
That was a nice move Joon Ho made. Ugh, he is just making me salute him in almost every scene he appears in. What’s good as that they never showed Soon Shin’s mom disagreeing with him. She knows that Soon Shin is happy when it comes to acting. And no granny, she does not like acting just because her blood mother likes it too. It’s nature and nurture, not nature versus nurture.
Wow this grandma is sassy! All the women in this family are basically like her. Especially Yu Shin-ah.
On the contrary I disagree. Soon Shin is in her twenties. She is a grown up, you guys just treat her like some baby. She deserves to know her history and where she comes from. Even if it will hurt, it will probably help her. Too many people have used her and thrown her away, she needs to learn how to fight for what she wants and not what everyone else wants for her.
Cafe boss. Saranghamnida!
Man, is Mi Ryung bipolar or what. Yeah go ahead and try to get your daughter back. Who said that she wants to go back to you after all you’ve done to her.

Episode 24:
Here’s the reason why I hate Mi Ryung…and I don’t think we’re suppose to like her anyway, but I really can’t understand how selfish a person can be. She’s now proclaiming that she’s going to fight the Lee family to get her daughter back..Not even for the sake of repenting of her mistake, but just for the mere fact of ticking them off. I can’t wait till her world crumbles down. When Soon Shin doesn’t want her, Yeong ah will avoid her, Mi Ryung will curse everyone away from her because of her pride, and she’ll be left alone in the world.
Lee Soon Shin is so slow. I know its etiquette to announce yourself, but haven’t you noticed that every time you come home you’ve been interrupting serious convos between your mom, grandmother, and sister..and once you appear, they act all weird. STOP ANNOUNCING YOUR ARRIVAL AND LISTEN IN. HOW ABOUT  IT SOON SHIN-AH? THIS DRAMA WOULD GO MUCH FASTER IF YOU COULD JUST PUT 2 AND 2 TOGETHER. I think it’s so funny because I watched Happy Together with part of the YTBLSS cast, and IU mentioned that as her grandmother was cooking breakfast for her, and her grandmother asked her (along the lines), how could you be such a fool to not realize that there is something fishy about your birth. This issue should really be settled before episode 30.
OMMA, I LOVE YOU AGAIN. Exactly! Do what you love Lee Soon Shin. Stop floating around without any purpose in the world.
Oh my gosh, Here we go again. MI RYUNG-SHI. Yes, it was not you who told Soon Shin’s dad to push you out of the way of the incoming car, but YOU, yes YOU, still covered it up! You are some type of accomplice to this hit and run! Stop trying to blame other people when it’s all your fault. It’s your fault that Soon Shin ended up in another family, you are the one who gave birth to her! It’s your fault that the Lee family doesn’t know the truth about their father/husbands death, you covered it up!
Lol the baker guy is hilarious.
*No way. If I acted like how Woo Joo acted in front of my mother, I probably wouldn’t be here writing about this drama now.
I love how Yu Shin has just turned into a whiny daughter.
Why doesn’t Chan Woo just tell his mom its Yu Shin. They are family friends. I don’t encourage lying, but he could of said he just saw her on the street coming home from work and dropped her off. No biggy.
Joon Ho pities Mi Ryung’s daughter? Wait till he finds out who she is, then he is going to go full force in trying to protect Soon Shin, and in that he will begin to uncover his feelings for her.
Yeon-ah, you can’t act while people are talking? No, I think you just can’t act at all.
No Chan mi. Bad Chan mi. Tell your best friend to go after her dreams.
That was a nice little speech Soon Shin gave to Joon Ho. I guess what’s best for her now is giving her some time to think. But time is slowly running out. It won’t be long till she finds out who she really is and her world would begin to crumble down more than it already has. She needs to decide what she is going to do with herself asap. Your mom gave you the go. Your sisters and niece are giving you the go. Joon Ho is giving you the go, and your boss is too. What matters is the moment you decide for yourself that you are going to go for it with full force and let nothing stop you from reaching your goal.
Dramatic music? Check. Gradual close up on Joon Ho and Mi Ryung’s face? Check. Ok, the bomb is ready to be dropped. KABOOOOM.

 Episode 25:
Good cover up Hye Shin-ah! Vey good cover up.
Brazen witch, lol. Halmeoni you’re the best at name calling.
I hate the way you are too Yi Jung-ah, so how about you leave poor Chan Woo alone and go do something productive with your life instead of feeding off your father’s money.
This is Yu Shin’s pitfall. She is so quick in judging other’s and the situation around her. She doesn’t even let Chan Woo explain himself, and if she had been there to hear how he actually deals with Yi Jung, she would know that he puts his foot down. Not enough in my case, because I would block her number but he does stand his ground. And he should just tell her who Yi Jung really is, I don’t understand what’s the point of hiding it. I guess he wants to handle the situation by himself.
What a mess. I love how Mi Ryung is now using the excuse of being “Soon Shin’s real mother” to make her moves. Yes, it is an undeniable fact that she gave birth to Soon Shin, but thats about all she did, bring her into the world. She has absolutely no right, after giving Soon Shin away to pursue her career, to go around broadcasting that she is Soon Shin’s mother and she should have a say in making her daughter happy. Really, this lady is something else. But like I said before, Soon Shin at her age has a right to know who she is and where she comes from. It will help her grow stronger as a person, it will help her to realize that the world is ugly, and she needs to stop letting others take advantage of her. It will help her draw closer to those that actually love her and make her strive to better herself and her family. Mi Ryung has no way of making Soon Shin happy if she can”t even make herself happy. Man, once the family finds out that Mi Ryung hid the father’s death, oh boy, it really will go down.
I’m hysterically laughing at how many secrets this lady has. Oh my gosh. I was wondering if that was really his daughter. He wouldn’t be the type to have an affair like that. Oh Lord. Now Soon Shin will probably never know who her real father is. I really feel for this girl. I wish I could just give her a hug.
Halmeoni: “AIIIIIGOoOoOoOo. aiiiiiiiiGGGGooooooooo. AIGO AIGO AIGO”
Excuse me little Granny. First off, constantly visitng Mi Ryung’s house to spit out bad names at her will further piss her off and make her want to piss you guys off even more. It will in no way cool her down. Secondly, how can you call Hye Shin stupid. I bet you were smiling so wide when she was getting married, how come since you’re so smart, you couldn’t tell if her husband really loved her. Third, how can Soon Shin’s mom take care of it? She has no power, no money, no connections, only a undeniable love for her daughter. That is what’s keeping her. All you did h a l m e o n i, was complain about everything around you, blaming everyone else for how hard your life is.
You are only trying to make her happy with material things!!!! She is happy with the Lee family because they actually care for her welfare! Because they did not send her to some orphanage but took her in as their own and looked after her! She doesn’t know that yet, but once it is revealed it’ll naturally rest in her heart, all the good things this family has done. Mi Ryung-shi, if you had the ability to choose whether to keep her or not as your daughter, she now will have the ability to choose whether to accept you as her mother. This ladies thinking is so fallacious and self-centered.
“Going back to my old world” I’m sorry hon. This is just the calm before the storm. Brace yourself.
GASP* The cafe boss is adopted! Maybe when he finds out Lee Soon Shin’s situation he’ll empathize with her. And he will guide her along the healing process. But then maybe that will make her like him, and then Joon ho will get jealous and maybe then their love line will have more of a focus. Ok..I’m just imagining things now.
Pandora’s box has now opened.

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Episode 26:
Lie #1: You and the person you loved were separated. Yes you and Chang Hoo were separated by his mom, but he isn’t the lover that got you pregnant!
Lie #2: You feel sorry and agonized as her mother. Oh please, give me a break. If you really felt sorry you would have apologized to her first like Joon Ho suggested. You would also be thankful to the Lee family for taking her in and raising her. Yes the family isn’t perfect, what family is? But they raised her very well, and you yourself took note of that when you were giving her acting lessons.  (HAHA, Halmeoni agreed with me)
Lie #3: Your tears. Cut the acting lady. Good to know there will be people in this drama that won’t buy your whole pity party.
Wow, I know I don’t like the grandma, but she said EXACTLY what I was thinking!. You feel sorry? You should have gotten down on your knees and begged for forgiveness. What kind of lame bow was that? It wasn’t even 90 degrees. And if you don’t do that in front of the public, at least do it in front of Soon Shin.
Nooooooo he can’t let her go Hye Sin. He’s your future brother in lawwwwww.
Are you kidding me? There are probably many people in dire need, and you are going to waste a hospital’s time, money, and gas by lying so you can get out of your house. ARGHHHHHH
SLAAAAAAAP. Man this drama is finally getting good. I have nothing to say about Yu Shin’s antics. That’s another self centered one. If you wanna do a dna test, sure go ahead, it will make me happy. But don’t broadcast it, just do it on the side 😉
LOL, this baker guy. Jin Wook-shi you are awesome!
Oh my gosh like mother like daughter. I really like the mellow voice of the actress who plays Joon Ho’s mom, but she’s acting just like her daughter right now. Miss, you can’t even pick up the fact that your husband has been comforting Mi Ryung these days. How about you discipline your daughter, take care of your husband before you go butting into someone else’s business and judging them. Aish. The woman characters in this drama.
Oh Yeon-ah you’re gonna take good care of her? Oh ok. Good. I want you to say those exact same words and have those exact same feelings when you find out its Soon Shin.
Hmmm. Chan Woo’s mom was looking at him strange. Probably wondering why he’s treating soon shin’s mom so nicely.
Wow Chan mi, you’re little pep talk. Yeah, its not working. Just stop talking.
I love how Yeon-ah is always there to see the Soon Shin/Joon Ho moments. The heavens must be against you too!
* Wow this episode really did it for me. The thing with family dramas, or maybe not necessarily family dramas but long dramas, you become invested into the characters. When Soon Shin is hurting, I feel hurt. I’m more invested into Joon Ho-shi for some reason though. Partly because he is someone outside her immediate family that truly wants to protect her and will ultimately end up loving her. Gahhh, I can’t wait till next week.

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Episode 27:
Park Chan Woo’s mom, Park Chan Mi, Yeon Ah, and Yi Jung are all still annoying the heck out of me.
Like mother like daughter, the Park family ladies are a bit greedy and nosy. Soon Shin won the lottery? Pfft. All they can see is the monetary and social benefit from this. Actually, people who win the lottery lose a lot. Many of their family and friends begin to secretly hate them because of the mere fact that they got to become filthy rich from sheer luck. Yes, Soon Shin now has a renowned actress as a mother, but she has to deal with Yu Shin getting on her back, reporters digging up dirt on her life, and friends treating her differently. It comes with a price. Not to mention the emotional, physical, and mental toll it’s taking on her body.
Yu Shin is suffering the old middle child syndrome. Wow, I just googled that and it’s actually a real thing. Anyways, Yu Shin is back to her whiny self after being super chill a few episodes ago. She really has this strong distrust for men. Wow. I knew it was bad, but she’s really kicking it up a notch. And once again. Everyone is believing Soon Shin’s the father’s daughter. No DNA test, nothing. Having proven Mi Ryung likes to lie and hide things…they just go by word of mouth. Yu Shin is a complete hot head who likes to condemn people without any facts. It’s really unbelievably annoying.
The cafe boss is truly the best boss I have ever seen. Soon Shin should adhere to his wise words.
“DID I DO ANYTHING WRONG?” If I have to hear that crummy excuse out of Mi Ryung’s mouth one more time I’m going to lose it.
This lady walks down the steps so majestically, it kills me.
Oh no. Mi Ryung plans to make up for all the time she’s lost? And here she goes planning stuff without Soon Shin’s permission. Ugh. For goodness sake people, she is not a child who you can just push and pull!

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Episode 28:
Awww baker guy you are a genius. Forcing her to spend time with you. And for some weird reason, I like the clothes they choose for this actor, it fits him well. Meanwhile over by Joon Ho…the jeans and dressy’s not my type of style. But he’s a young CEO so I understand. Next to what Soon Shin wears it just doesn’t match up though. But he looks so handsome in those suits!
Mrs. Park, who told you it was a good idea to raid Ronald Mcdonalds closet?
All I can say is Poor Joon Ho. Poor, poor, poor Joon Ho.
Wow, now Hye Shin is starting to treat Soon Shin all weird.
Finally someone who listens to what Soon Shin has to say. And yes mother, let her explain herself even if you understand. Everyone else is again assuming things without facts.
Here we go again with the mom to mom showdown. Spare me please.

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Episode 29:
Baker guy (Jin Wook-shi) is still the most awesomest character in this show.
Chan Woo is really muscular…but anyways now we’re gonna have to deal with his gossipy mom trying to break Yu Shin and him apart. Ugh.
I see this a lot in dramas, characters come home from work and just flop down into their bed with the same clothes. Does that really happen in South Korea? I would think that if they are really conscious about shoes, they will be conscious about clothes too.
That’s right Chan Woo! Lay it down plain and clear for Yi Jung. I’m kinda sick of her little fake act. Maybe she really does sincerely like Chan Woo, but constantly bugging him and invading his privacy when he clearly told you numerous times not to will not win you any brownie points. Maybe it will win you some from his mom, but not him. And at this point, who cares what the mom thinks, she’s not marrying her son.

Episode 30:
Isn’t it kinda rude for her to just get up while he’s doing something that’s already kinda hard for him to do? I wish he did a duet with her.
I’m starting to think Soon Shin is a little prideful. Not the bad kind of pride like Mi Ryung, but the kind where she just wants to become successful with her own strength. She wants to figure out her life without anyone’s help, which is good but not when you’re this dense.
Awwwww he told her she’s prettyyyy.
Mi Ryung take a seat. Go find a man, do something please. Stop bugging the girl.
Finally! Yes Joon Ho, CANCEL HER CONTRACT. She’s ridiculous!!
Yi Jung, SOON SHIN IS CUNNING? Give me a break. You should not be the one to talk. If Chan Woo gets a whiff of a fact that you don’t like Soon Shin, you should just never appear before him again. Like really.
Oh my gosh what is the problem with Chan Woo’s mother??? I am really getting irritated with these characters. It might be because I’m sitting in the heat, but I don’t think that’s it.
In your dreams Yi Jung-ah. If you walk down the aisle with Chan Woo oppa, I am forever done with dramas.
He’s been listening to you all these years..He’s not going to be listening to you starting from now on.
This halmeoni is fierce!!!
Now this is the real Mi Ryung. Giving up already dear? That was quick.
What is Mi Ryung wearing to bed lol? Just slap a red cloak around her, and she can go prancing into the woods like little red riding hood.
I have a very bad feeling about this. Soon Shin looks like she is going to let Mi Ryung do whatever she wants to prove to her that she can’t make her happy. Great. That’s worst than not letting her do anything at all. She looks so lifeless.

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 You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin OST:
별 헤는 밤 Counting the Stars at Night by Sunny Hill

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