The Cream of the Crop: Good actors/actresses

Good Actors
Normally when I hear news that a new drama is in talks, I look out for the pretty faces that will soon fill the leading slots. It’s a bit vain, but I just feel watching someone who is aesthetically pleasing is easier on the eyes. However, even if the person looks pretty or handsome, I also need their acting skills to be up to par. The looks are just an extra bonus for me. We may sometimes get caught up in the gorgeous cinematography, compelling script, and pretty leads…but if I could ask, how often do we remember the side characters that probably acted as well as the leads but never got much credit…Most of us would not know them by name, and we might even forget their face. This isn’t a post to point out not-so good-looking people who can act well, but to acknowledge individuals who whatever ever their looks are, have somehow made a lasting impression on me because of their acting chops.
In no particular order, here are some actors/actresses whose acting I enjoy + the works I enjoyed seeing them in. I tried my best to stay away from “big names”…I did include a few, but if I added some of my favorites (Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung, Lee Jung Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Song Joong Ki, Lee Min jung, Shin Min Ah, Lee Jung Hyuk etc.)….we’ll be here forever. Pretty much all of these names are big to me though, obviously not here in America, but maybe in South Korea (and Taiwan for Ariel Lin & Rainie Yang ^^).
Bae soo bin
Bae Soo Bin (Shining Inheritance|49 days)
It’s amazing how I still remember what characters he played. He was a daddy long legs in Shining Inheritance, and a crazy eyed cheater in 49 Days. I really enjoy watching him act.
Shin Hyun Joon
Shin Hyun Joon (Kiss Me, Kill Me|Bridal Mask)
I really love this guy. He can totally get into character, and judging from the role he played in Bridal Mask, he’s not afraid to play around with different roles. I did see him in Ohlala Couple too, but his character sucked.
Nam Goong Min
Nam Goong Min (Can You Hear My Heart)
It only took 1 drama to make me fall in love with this man. And since it was a little over 30 episodes, I got a chance to see enough of his acting. Gosh, he brought me to tears.
Joo Won
Joo Won (Ojakgyo Brothers|Bridal Mask)
I love Joo Won. People say he screams a lot, and over acts. Ummm, he can a bit, but I still love him. He just happens to keep picking roles that involve some type of investigative character…that also likes to yell in people’s ears.
Jung woo sung
Jung Woo Sung (A Moment to Remember|Padam, Padam)
Gahhhh I love this guy too. He knows how to handle his female partners well. And just look at him, isn’t he dashing?
Kim Sang Joong
Kim Sang Joong (City Hunter)
Man, this guy can really act. He’s another actor that convinced me with only one show. I like to say my favorite actors are the ones that are so into their role, I believe them. Usually they are evil though.
Jun Gook Hwan
Jun Gook Hwan (Killer Girl K|King 2 Hearts|Bridal Mask|Nine: Nine Time Travels)
Just like Kim Sang Joon listed above, he does really well in playing evil characters.
Kim Sang Ho
Kim Sang Ho aka Ahjusshi (Prosecutor Princess|Twinkle, Twinkle|City Hunter|Ten|Ten 2)
I think I pretty much follow this dude. I like to call him Ahjusshi because in so many of his works he’s referred to in that way. In anything he is in, he acts well. He’s a very humble guy and I love his screen presence.
Kim Mi Sook
Kim Mi Sook (Shining Inheritance|City Hunter)
I really love this actress. She also had me completely immersed in the role she was portraying.
Chun Ho Jin
Chun Ho Jin (A Dirty Carnival|Smile, You|City Hunter|Bridal Mask)
Great actor. Wait what am I saying…AWESOME actor. I will always see him as the lovable dad from Smile. You. His wife was a pain, but he really made an impression on me because his character was written pretty realistically.
Choi Jung Woo
Choi Jung Woo (Shining Inheritance|Prosecutor Princess|49 Days|City Hunter|Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek)
Another great actor, who I see almost every year.
Choi ll Hwa
Choi II Hwa (Coffee Prince|Dream High|City Hunter|Birdie Buddy)
I see him around a lot as well. And I for some reason I like his face. It has this sort of quiet demeanor.
Kim Sae Ron
Kim Sae Ron (Can You Hear My Heart|Man From Nowhere)
She’s super awesome. I was pretty much blown away by her in CYHMH and was sad she could only stay for a few episodes. I’m really looking forward to her growing as an actress, she has a lot of years ahead of her.
Lee Won Jong
Lee Won Jong (200 Pounds Beauty|Vampire Prosecutor|Wild Romance|Vampire Prosecutor 2)
Another guy I like to refer to as Ahjusshi. Love him in Vampire Prosecutor.
Ariel Lin
Ariel Lin (It Started With a Kiss|They Kissed Again|In Time With You|Lovesick)
Yoo In Na
Yoo In Na (Secret Garden|Birdie Buddy|Queen In Hyun’s Man|You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin)
I’ve seen a lot of her works to get a feeling of how she has grown as an actress. She’s risen from playing the zippy best friend to the lead of a drama. I hope she can challenge herself with more darker roles.
Ha Ji Won
Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden|King 2 Hearts)
It’s Ha Ji Won. Is there really anything else more to say?
Kim Ye Ron
Kim Ye Won (Sunny|Romance Town|Flower Boy Ramyun Shop|Operation Proposal|I Need Romance)
I was surprised to see how many things I’ve seen with her in it. I really enjoy watching her, and I hope she can become the lead in a drama soon. I think she deserves it, she’s done pretty darn well up to this point.
Jung Jyung Ho
Jung Kyung Ho (Gangster High|Smile,You|The Great Gye Choon Bin|Heartless City)
JUNG KYUNG HO! JUNG KYUNG HO! JUNG KYUNG HO! JUNG KYUNG HO! JUNG KYUNG HO! I think I’m in love with this guy. He can play cute, bad boy, crazy..just about anything.
Kim Sung Ho 2
Kim Sung Ho (Man From Nowhere|Secret Garden|Myung Wol the Spy|)
I see him as a dark horse. He’s always behind a lead’s shadow, but he can act reallyyy well. I always notice him, and I can tell he can become totally invested into his character. Hopefully he can become a lead someday, because I can definitely see him pulling it off.
Lee Yo Won
Lee Yo Won (49 Days)
She totally won me over in 49 days, I wish she picked more projects I was interested in so I could see her acting. Empire of Gold is coming up, so I guess i’ll see her there. She has this really natural look to her which I like.
Lee Gyu Han
Lee Kyu Han (Que Sera, Sera|Smile, You|Can You Hear My Heart|Marriage Plot)
I feel like this actor never gets noticed. He’s really charming, and he finally got a chance to be the lead in Marriage Plot, but I was very uninterested in it. However, in his other works he’s done really well especially in the comedic area.
Park Ki Woong
Park Ki Woong (Bridal Mask|Neverending Story)
This actor amazed me in Bridal Mask. Hated his character because I mean cmon, who really liked Shunji. But he played it freakishly well. I’m definitely looking out for him whenever he picks his next project. He was in Full House 2, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch that.
Honorable Mentions:
I’m sure the actors/actresses below can act well, but either I haven’t seen enough of their acting, or I’m still waiting for them to really blow me away.
Eom Ki Joon (Dream High)
Uhm Tae Woong (Introduction to Architecture)
Kim Jung Tae (Killer Girl K)
Lee Jin Wook (Myung Wol the Spy|I Need Romance|Nine: Nine Time Travels)
Yeo Jin Goo (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)
Yoon Kye Sang (Who Are You)
Lee Yoon Ji (Dream High|King 2 Hearts|Dating Agency:Cyrano)
Choi Yeo Jin (I Need Romance|Dream High 2)
Jung Suk Won (Shining Inheritance|Creating Destiny|Ojakgyo Brothers|Rooftop Prince|Haeundae Lovers)
Lee Sung Min (My Princess|Can You Hear My Heart|King 2 Hearts|Arang and the Magistrate)
Go In Bum (Operation Proposal|Bridal Mask|Answer Me 1997|That Winter, That Wind Blows)
Rainie Yang (Devil Beside You|Drunken to Love You)
Kim Hyun Joo (Twinkle,Twinkle|Cruel Palace: War of Flowers)
Kim Hung Bum (My Girlfriend is an Agent|Twinkle,Twinkle|49 Days|Protect the Boss|Padam Padam|Rooftop Prince)
Yoon Yeo Jung (Who Are You?|Can You Hear My Heart|King 2 Hearts)
Han Groo (Killer Girl K|Can We Get Married)
Lee Yi Kyung (Heartless Strings|School 2013|Nine: Nine Time Travels)
Yoon Jin Yi (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Tell me your thoughts. Are there any actors/actresses you love that continually showcase the best of their skills but are not always in the spotlight?
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7 thoughts on “The Cream of the Crop: Good actors/actresses”

  1. LOVE Bae Soo Bin and Park Ki Woong (the former I’ve loved since Shining Inheritance and Dong Yi and the latter since his sidekick role in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang). I also love your ahjussis! And your CYHMH boys. They were very good actors. I would like to see the sidekick actor getting some more starring roles. He is very good.

  2. Thank you for your awesome article! Agree completely about Bae Soo Bin, my favourite actor. I also love the acting of Chun Ho Jin (it was great seeing him with BSB in Dong Yi – his charisma shone through in his cameo), and like you, I was completely won over by Lee Yo Won’s amazing chemistry with all three male leads in 49 Days (first time I’ve seen LYW act). especially her love-hate relationship with BSB.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, Chun Ho Jin is amazing, I could watch him stare at the wall for all I care, still love him to bits haha.
      What surprised me was that for a good chunk of the drama, she was just going around sulking and being depressed…yet I still found her more compelling than Nam Gyu Ri’s character.

  3. I am also anticipating for the Empire of Gold since I really like Lee YoWon a lot. Saw her first time in historical drama Queen Seonduk & from then on had watched her previous dramas & movies. Surgeon Bong Dal Hee & Bad Love were among my favorite dramas of hers along with QSD & 49 Days of course. Take Care of My Cat & Surprise Party were my favorites among her movies. It’s not only Lee YoWon’s acting that I like, but I also find her natural beauty captivating, LOL.

    Jung Kyung Ho, I like him in When Romance Meets Destiny because aside from being good looking, he & Lee YoWon looked really good together. I root for them than the main male lead, LOL. I wish he & Lee Yowon would collaborate again in a drama.

    1. That sounds familiar. I think when I first started watching dramas that was on my list to watch but I never bothered. Maybe I should go back to it. She really is! Her and Ariel Lin are my girls ❤ haha

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