Dramascope (July 2013)

Dramascope july2013

Cheers to a new segment that I’m starting on this blog. I’m a little shy to call it a new segment when it’s very unoriginal, but until I can come up with something spectacular, this will have to do. It’s very similar to my commentary series where I try to keep an eye on how pedantic my writing can become. I’m currently watching 12 dramas because I’m crazy, and to write about all of them means that I really have no life. So my dramascope posts will be dedicated to first impressions, ending thoughts, or just random babbling about dramas I don’t want to dedicate an entire post to. Also, not sure why I find that breaking grammar rules is cool..just look at my blogger name.

Just You

Just You

Usually Taiwanese dramas are a hit or miss for me, which is why I haven’t seen many of them. I decided to try out Just You because Aaron Yan was finally going to be in a drama whose premise I was interested in. Well. Let’s just say I gave up halfway during the first episode. I started skimming and then finally just settled with the fact that I couldn’t bear to watch it anymore. Bad acting. Very bad acting, especially from the lead girl. It seems like she’s completely forcing herself and I can see it on her face! Even Aaron is not doing very well :/ It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to it. I didn’t watch the previous SETTV drama, King Flower, but I did keep up with the tangled romance. If I was angry about the writers pushing Da Hua with Guan Jun instead of Terry, I can’t imagine how the actual watchers of the show felt during that time. I won’t be proceeding with this drama, if you do, tell me if it gets any better.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 1.00.57 PM

Love Around

This Taiwanese drama on the other hand is a breath of fresh air. Oh my gosh it’s really good! The lead guy, George Hu, looks like an Asian Nick Jonas which is great because I secretly still really like Nick (Don’t judge me >.<). His character is the sweetest guy ever, he’s rich, and he’s a good fighter too. I mean what else do you want? His leading lady, Annie Chen, is also a wonderful counterpart for him. Not to mention, their character’s entire relationship is what makes sense in this drama! No, they are not bickering every moment they see each other, instead that are becoming really good friends which will soon grow into love. Everything in this drama seems to be right. It’s also only 15 episodes which is great, the story won’t be dragged out too long because it doesn’t need to be. The leads also previously worked together, so they are comfortable with each other which means good chemistry.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 1.01.47 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-06 at 1.01.39 PM


Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident

What is with that title?? I tuned in to watch the first two episodes and I’m unsure if i’m going to stick with it. I really love the cast though which includes Kim Jae Won, Jo Yoon Hee, Shin Eun Gyung, Ki Tae Young, and Han Groo. Wayyyy too many actors that I like in this to just drop it. The first two episodes had a certain phrase ringing in my ears: WHOSE YOUR DADDY! Because that’s exactly what this story is about. It also seems that the writer created one of those villains that are not satisfied with just being evil. They feel that being a menacing person is way better than being a moral person, and so they go out of their way to screw anyone who gets in their way. I really hate those characters, but if it allows me to spare not a drop of sympathy for them earlier in the game before they commit even more cruel acts, then so be it.

Empire of Gold

Empire of Gold

Set for 24 episodes, Empire of Gold is similar to Scandal in the sense that they both start off in the present, then somehow us viewers end up in a time machine and are swished back to years ago, where the story really begins to unfold. For Empire of Gold, i’ll be honest, I was zoned out for a good chunk of it. It was basically drowning the viewers in political muddles that quite frankly I do not care anything about. In Scandal, I was busy guessing (correctly) each and every move of the characters because they were very predictable and not at all shocking if I may add. I saw Go Soo in the movie Love 911 (Which I highly recommend) and I absolutely loved him in it. There he was kind of like a hunky ill-tempered fire-fighter, and seeing him all vicious and power hungry in Empire made me fall in love with him even more (Too bad he’s taken). Go Soo’s character surrounds the sob story where his family is dirt poor, his father dies unfairly, and he wants to take revenge on the world who made his family suffer by acquiring power and money. It’s so interesting to see Lee Yo Won and Lee Mi Sook acting together, for some odd reason they remind me of each other. They are similar actresses with magnificent acting chops.

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Sword and Flower

I’m not an expert in saeguks, but I’ve seen plenty enough to know that Sword and Flower is unlike the typical historical dramas we’ve seen this year for the most part. First off, the editing style is very cinematic. I feel like I’m watching an action film. At times the editing can be very choppy, where the cuts coincide with the music being played. Speaking of music, the background music that this team chooses to play in a scene stands out very sharply. The music fits the tone of the scene, and they also mix modern and more traditional Korean tunes which can work out to a great advantage. I laughed when I heard the instrumental number they chose for the scene where the princess meets Yun Choong. It was perfect! The music was upbeat which fit the emotions being portrayed at that moment. You have a girl falling in love with a guy at first sight, there should be sparks flying not sad mellow music which I feel any other saeguk would have chosen. The villain in Sword and Flower is also the weirdest I’ve ever run into…he doesn’t say much, but I’m sure a lot of evil plans are warping through his head. There are also a lot of stare off contests in this drama…the actors are really good though, so I wouldn’t challenge them if I were you. I really like it so far. Sword and Flower feels very raw and weird… but in a good way.

(Note: I do not like the other title which is The Blade and Petal..It seems like they opened up a thesaurus and just picked out multiple synonyms for the title in order to confuse us. Of course the real reason is because Korean to English translations cannot always be exact ^^)

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 7.34.23 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-06 at 7.33.40 PM

Special Affairs Team Ten 2

I. Love. Joo Sang Wook. And I loved the last 2 episodes of this drama. Heck, I loved every episode. Why is this drama so good? I was going completely crazy in the last two episodes, it was very suspenseful and well thought out. I won’t spoil the ending, but I’m wondering if the Ten team is going to get a 3rd season…F has not yet been caught. Every single episode in this season seemed to weave the theme of revenge in it. Detective Yeo started the Ten team just for the purpose of seeking revenge on the person who killed his loved one. As each episode revealed human nature at its most darkest, inhumane form…little by little Detective Yeo and the Ten team learned that revenge is not always sweet, and it’s not always necessary. Sometimes you just need to let go. My question is, sure Detective Yeo, let go of your thirsty revenge…but there is still a heinous killer out there who needs to be incarcerated before more people die, and someone needs to catch them. So season 3? Please? Jeballll.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 7.32.53 PM

*All credit goes to the broadcasting companies, SETTV, TTV, MBC, SBS, KBS, and OCN respectively. Click on official drama posters and screen captures to be linked to their dramawiki’s.


8 thoughts on “Dramascope (July 2013)”

  1. Ten has definitely been confirmed a Season 3. Who can say no to more Joo Sang Wook and the beloved Ten team? Perhaps if they’re feeling generous, maybe we’ll get a little more taste of romance than the crumbles they’ve been teasing us so much with 😛

    1. OH MY GOSH. REALLY? Thank you so much for telling me. Ah yes, many people are waiting for the romantic line to move forward. As for me, I don’t really see any sparks flying between him and Ye Ri. Maybe I’m missing something. Even Vampire Prosecutor turned up the heat in the romance earlier in the game, but Ten hasn’t. I’m still undecided about whether Ten needs romance or what, but now I’m super excited that there will be a season 3.

  2. I’m keeping up with Just You, which is a fluffy drama at best. I actually like the lead actress, Puff Guo, since I’ve seen her in two other dramas, one of which I liked a lot. Her character in JY is much more over-the-top than most, but with reason; I touch upon it briefly on my blog if you’re interested in reading. It’s a fun drama but by no means does it warrant a must-watch. :’)

    On the other hand, I’ve vowed to stay the hell away from Love Around, hahaha. I love the leads individually, but it kind of annoys me that SETTV is capitalizing on their Love, Now popularity with a drama specially tailored for them. 😥 Whatever happened to expanding one’s horizons by working with new people? Anyhow, I’m keeping an open mind, so what do you think of the drama so far?

  3. LOL, I’m about to join you on board with the idea of staying away from Love Around. I’m actually behind a good 4 eps and i’ve kinda lost my interest especially from skimming through recaps of the episodes. It’s nice that they are trying to do the whole “let’s start as good friends and then madly fall in love with one another”, but that plot line can get reallyyyy boring if you don’t play it smart. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Love Around. I refuse to force myself to watch something I wholeheartedly do not enjoy. And I don’t mind when an actor and actress work together numerous times if and ONLY if they really work well together. I could watch Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin act together forever and I won’t get bored..but because I haven’t seen Love, Now I can’t really say if it was a smart idea putting these two together again.

    I just read your recap of Just You, and by jove your humour had me laughing. I’ll take my chances and pass on it though, i’m really not feeling the lead actress. But I hope you enjoy it! Everyone needs a to watch a fluffy drama from time to time to keep things balanced 🙂

    1. Ah, that makes me feel a lot better about my choice now! I was kind of torn when I made the decision to stay away from Love Around, because I generally like dramas where the leads start off as friends and then gradually fall for each other. To be honest, I didn’t watch Love, Now either. xD From what I’ve read elsewhere, the chemistry between Annie and George was great, but the narrative… not so much. So I guess you can count on their chemistry in LA, but anything else is anything goes.

      ArJoe is awesome! I’ve finished ISWAK but I’m saving TKA for a rainy day. They also costarred in Love or Bread, but apparently its storyline isn’t very good. ):

      And I’m glad you liked my recap! 🙂

  4. Yeah seems like almost all the Taiwanese dramas I check out fail miserably in the narrative area..I wonder why. Didn’t check out Love or Bread for the same pitiful reason haha.

    *Sob* You’re saving TKA for a rainy day? I hope you can get to it soon. The romance increases by 100-fold! Cough..not that you only wanna watch it for that, but the story is good too xD

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