Film Adventures 2

Film Adventures 2

Previously I did a camera review of the Pentax K1000, which included some of the pictures I was able to capture and share. Now i’m out to try different types of film because to a certain degree, that’s what makes most of the magic happen. It’s not only the camera that you choose to wield, but how fast or slow the film speed is, how new or old the film is, and also the environment the film is kept in. On this film adventure I decided to use Fujifilm Superia Color 400. Compared to the Kodak Color 400 I used before, Superia seems to add less contrast to the images especially when used in harsh sunlight to the point where it washes out all the colors. When used in correct lighting, this film does well in capturing the greens and browns. There also seems to be a hint of red in most of the images. This time around I was using the K1000’s built in light meter to get the right exposure instead of doing it from what I think feels right. I’ve learned now that it’s best to use both options with Fujifilm Superia. Exposing the film with a slower speed might help to bring back some color into the images.

I’m thinking of getting a new film camera. The Canon AE-1 seems to be a popular choice. Should I switch over to the dark side since i’m a Nikon gal? haha.

Original images from a Pentax K1000 using Fujifilm Superia Color 400:

R1-02999-0009 copyR1-02999-0003










R1-03000-0012 copy

4 thoughts on “Film Adventures 2”

  1. Wah!!! Did you take these pictures during your NYC visit? If so, they look really really good. I’m thinking of getting a camera in the future and have looked into Nikon ones, but my field of expertise isn’t really that. so, would you recommend some cameras? XD

    1. Yes I did! Thank you ^^ Ohhh recommendations. I know more about Nikon dslr’s than I know about about point and shoots. But I recommend looking at those rather than getting a big bulky dslr that will confuse you. Actually while i was on the ferry going off to the statue, there was a lady next to me with the same dslr I had..and she was trying to figure out how to put on the lens. I had to help her out..and I wondered to myself, why have this complicated camera, if you’re just going to leave it on auto.

      After you’ve done some research on the cameras Nikon has to offer, then if you need help understanding what the specifications mean, i’ll be more than happy to help you out! 😀

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