Morning Dew Playlist 3

Morning Dew Playlist 3

I love Korean Indie so much more than I love Kpop. Although the Kpop industry has many talented artists, i’m sure they find themselves stuck in a box because really the company they are under are out to make profit. Indie bands have more of opportunity to experiment with different sounds, instruments, and lyrics. The indie scene is very versatile whether it’s Korean, American, or any other culture out there. I appreciate that I don’t have to see girls flailing around killing me with aegyo and boys melting me with their sexy stares in the indie environment. Although you do get that too, but there is so much more you can find in this genre. I’ve recently discovered the electro side to Korean indie…it’s very interesting and something I am willing to give a try.

For any of you who have no idea what my morning dew playlist is, i’m going to unofficially come up with a definition for it and make sure to put it in every post. It’s good to know that more of the indie bands are starting to make their music available through the American music market (Itunes for example). Yay for legal ways of getting music ha. Also, excuse all the Vanilla Acoustic songs…but they are just that AMAZING.

Morning Dew Playlist: Music that encompasses soft, fuzzy, warm feels. May include pop artists who also create music with this type of feeling. Also includes drama OST’s that may compel you to break down and cry or get you swaying in your seat. This is the playlist you listen to on early, dewy mornings. On rainy, thundering days. Or just when you want music to radiate a peaceful energy. 

Vanilla Acoustic

° 이별하기 좋은 날 (A Good Day to Break Up)- Vanilla Acoustic
° 2시의 데이트 (2 O’Clock Date)- Gain and Hyungwoo
° 그런 사람은 (Such A Person)(Feat. Noblesse)- Yoa
° 대화가 필요해 (I Needed To Talk)- Vanilla Acoustic
° 해열제- Epitone Project
° 여전히 그댄- Vanilla Acoustic
° 언제나 맑음 (Always Love Me)- Morrie
° 숨은 마음 찾기 (Find the Hidden Heart)- Vanilla Acoustic
° Stardust- W & Whale
° 입맛이 없어요- Sweden Laundry
° 반지하 로맨스 (Feat. MC 스나이퍼)- Vanilla Acoustic
° 사랑에 빠질 수 밖에 없는 얼굴- Papercut Project
° 쿠키, 커피 (Cookie,Coffee)- Vanilla Acoustic
° Red Ginseng Candy- Vanilla Acoustic
° Love is Canon- Acoustic Rain

yukari-echo° Spring Days, Cherry Blossoms, and You- Epitone Project
° Goodbye June- Vanilla Acoustic
° From Paris- Sweden Laundry 
° Song B- Sesame and Cotton Candy
° Just Friends- Yukari
° Missing- Casker
° This is Me- Morrie
° Snowdrop- Fanny Fink
놓아줘 (ft. 조원선)- Casker
° 모든 토요일 (Every Saturday)- Casker
° 아침먹고 땡- Yozoh

° Sweetest Name- Clazziquai Project
° Rainy Day- Lucite Tokki

Drama OST’s:Morrie
° 별 헤는 밤 (Counting the Stars at Night)- Sunny Hill [You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin]
° 선잠 (나 그대의 사랑이 되리) (Light Sleep – I Will Be Your Love)- J Rabbit [Monstar]
° 나비 (Butterfly)- Hye Lim [Heartless City]
° 사랑아 (Dear Love)- Wax [Sword and Flower]
° Come Back To Me- Bii [Love Around]
° Appudeto- Sabão
° Everyday- Jo Jung Hee [Heartless City]

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 6.51.12 PM

*Credit goes to all the original uploader’s of the photos. Click on the pictures to be linked back to the uploader. (Exception: Morrie’s album is linked back to her bandcamp where you can buy her music)

6 thoughts on “Morning Dew Playlist 3”

  1. i love morrie somuch:)
    you better to listen other song from morrie
    cause i think her music is so sweet~
    im from indonesia~ and i know one of indie band from my country
    MOCCA~ you must to listen their song too ya

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