It’s that time of the year again…


So there’s a forbidden word that should not be spoken under any circumstances during summer vacation. It brings back memories of sleepless nights, the impending horror of doom as you’re judged based on 5 simple letters of the alphabet. You may have even had brain explosions due to the mass of information that you are left to memorize at 2 am. The boring afternoons as you watched other’s basking in all of the sun’s glory while you sat and listened to a person rave about how exciting pheromones are and the formidable impact it can have on us as a human race. This word will never fall under the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon spell because it follows most of us everywhere. I guess I should say it since i’ve already spent way to long introducing it…that’s right…the word is School.


I’m not one to give an update about my life because it’s pretty basic and boring, but this will be the first time I’m actually more involved in my blog and attending school at the same time…so i’m not sure how I will balance things out. I just wanted to give a heads up for the few who care, I won’t be dropping off the Earth, but I won’t be screaming PARTAYYY every week like I did this summer because school comes first. For those who have already started or are going back to school like me, I wish you all the best in your studies. Hopefully you and me can learn to balance drama watching and studying if you haven’t already. I am now extremely picky about which dramas I will pick up or not 😦 I hear Two Weeks is good but it will become too much to handle. Sorry Lee Jun Ki T^T

Hardcore Studying
Me in 1 week.


 This is all I did this summer. Between WordPress, Tumblr, and Flickr.

Again, good luck to everyone going back to school! We can do this for another grueling year. FIGHTING! 😀
And if you so wish, feel free to say what you’re studying in the comments. What I love about the drama blogging community is that it is very diverse! As for me, I’m studying medicine to put it in general terms. Maybe I should’ve named my blog Drama Doctor. Is that taken?


8 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year again…”

  1. I go back to school in one week too! ;__;
    Dunno how I’ll be able to juggle five AP’s, college apps, and extracurriculars… My fat textbooks are giving me death glares already.

    1. OUCH. I remember that being the suckiest time of the year. College applications are pretty much a full time job. AP classes..don’t even get me started. Good luck! I hope you find a college that’s right for you ^^ Even if you try your best to avoid senioritis, it will always be right around the corner..watching for you to slip and then BAM, you tumble into this never-ending black hole of procrastination. xD

      1. I’ve dealt with freshmanitis, sophomoritis, and junioritis all these years, so maybe I’ll be an expert at handling senioritis. (; Ha, just kidding. I’ll be thankful if I even make it out alive.

        College! Please be good to me. Hoping I get into that one school…

        1. Lol!! I think senioritis is a bit different though since you know it’s your last year..It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

          5 AP’s though? I did 3 in my senior year and that gave me a headache. You must be trying to get into a top of the line school :0 (No need to disclose which school though). FIGHTING!!! Can’t get enough of that cheesy word since I don’t get many opportunities to say it in America. My friends would say, “Fighting who?” T^T

          1. Well, I was planning to take four again, but because of scheduling conflicts I couldn’t get one of the AP’s I wanted, so in order to make my schedule work out while maintaining my GPA, I somehow ended up with five AP’s. @__@ I would so remove one of them, but then I’d end up with a hole in my schedule. Which is not, um, possible. LOL. And I don’t want to replace it with a pointless class either. ):

            It’s definitely not Ivy League, but suffice to say it’s pretty well-known. I hope I stand out… enough. :< Hahaha, FIGHTING! I'd get weird looks for saying it in real life too.

            1. Ahhh the infamous scheduling which never seems to work in one’s favor. It gets worst in college..but as you move up it tends to get better.

              Just write your essay about how much you lurrrveee dramas. I’m sure they will accept you immediately. There has to be a college admissions officer who watches dramas lol.

              1. I totally get what you mean. I’ve taken classes in community college, and that was HELL. Six hours of standing and waiting in hopes of adding a GE course? That was the best weekend I’ve ever spent. /sarcasm

                HAHA, I should just list all the valuable life lessons that dramas taught me. It’ll be the most epic personal statement evarrr.

                (1) If things are goin’ good for you, that’s gonna end pretty damn soon.
                (2) Don’t seduce a rich man ’cause his umma’s gonna chase you away with a packet of money.
                And so on…

                1. LOL. You’ve pretty much got it all down. Drama’s are great life lessons. I promise you, you’ll be accepted in a flash. My promises aren’t as shallow as Joon Ho’s so don’t worry 😉

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