Dramascope (October 2013)

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I am so long overdo for a post, I feel like a stale potato chip. It’s been about 1-2 months since my last dramascope, and I’ve dropped so many dramas like hot pancakes. I reallyyy wanted to watch them and get through it, but I just couldn’t with school and all. I did stick with a few, but it feels weird to not be watching 6-8 dramas at a time. October, (which is my month :D) has brought me such a generous birthday present. So. Many. Dramas are premiering which makes me feel torn inside. Of course I know where my priorities lie, but my so-called priorities leave me exhausted and bored. I really miss having the time to indulge in my drama addiction. I tried my best to keep the recaps short and sweet but you know, you can easily get carried away when talking about dramas xD

YTBLSS Poster 1

You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin

This drama was a complete let down and it will take some time before I pick up another family weekend drama again. The main issue with YTBLSS was the pacing. Then on top of that, the characters were written horribly, and the angst went on to no end. Put all of that together and you basically have a hot mess. The only thing that kept me going was Jo Jung Suk and IU…you know, whenever they had their one chance to be cute for 2 minutes in an episode that lasted for 60 minutes. I talked about the ending [here], so if you would like to read more on my in-depth thoughts about YTBLSS, do check it out. In the meantime, I plan on erasing this drama from my memory.

The Masters Sun

Master’s Sun

I’m trying to recollect the events that took place in the last couple of episodes. There was some type of memory loss, then memory recovery, then the good ole noble gesture of going far away from the person you love to not hurt them, then coming back hoping they welcome you with open arms. I was happy that they finished off with the whole mystery of Cha Hee Joo’s death two episodes before the ending…but then as usual it got a bit sappy and the emotional angst didn’t seem right to me. I was mostly confused with Tae Gong Shil’s rationalization. She was doing perfectly fine with letting Joong Won into her world…the issue happened when she decided to take matters into her own hands without him. A dead boy tells you that his body is in a car’s trunk. Why in heaven’s name would you be even more curious to go poking around that place??? I just don’t get it. If they were to omit that entire part including Joong Won being stabbed with a screwdriver, then Gong Shil deciding that she would go away to find out the reason regarding her special abilities would be completely understandable to me. But most of the character’s were wrong about her reason’s for going away, and she didn’t really want to clear it up, and her push and pull feelings were making me very cranky. Before all of that happened though, I really liked this drama. The ghosts were a little scary when they needed to be, but they were also balanced with more funny ones and heartbroken ones.

I really want to commend Tae Yi Ryung’s character (Little sun!). I have NEVER, EVER, liked a second lead this much. I couldn’t even hate her. The Hong Sister’s really made her character work. She always spoke against Tae Gong Shil, but ultimately her resentment seemed shallow because there wasn’t much of it. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin had a wonderful chemistry, but another thing that irked me was their kiss scenes! Cmon, I know these two adults who are in their thirties know how to make romance, yet we were given very stiff kissing scenes. Sigh. This was a drama that was great to just to watch without expecting too much out of it. I was totally happy with the characters and acting, but not completely blown away by the writing. Also, even though Tae Gong Shil let me down a little in the end, i’m happy that she tapped into her confident side and figured out exactly why she shines so brightly to ghosts and even to the living.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 8.35.46 PM

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo

What in the world did I just watch. This drama inflated like a balloon. I had high hopes since the first episode consisted of quirky characters, lots of kisses, plus a hint of mystery…but I’m just not sure where this story was going. I think the problem is that I haven’t read the manga. Live action adaptions can be more appreciated if you know at least the baseline of the story and I went into this drama not knowing a single thing. In the middle when I was confused about what was going on, I decided to read the last few chapters to see if the drama was actually following the “script”. Of course not. It basically got to the crux of the matter, and i’m left wondering whether the manga is going to end this way or not. I was let down by the romance between the two leads. Even though Yamada-kun kissed pretty much every female that appeared in the drama along with males, there was suppose to be something inherently special when he shared a kiss with Shiraishi. The drama did try to point that out with the use of cinematography…but once they switched bodies, Yamada kun totally ruined it by making stupid faces which Nishiuchi Mariya had to act out, and Shiriashi in Yamada-kun’s body made awkward stereotypical “girly” movements that Shiarishi herself didn’t even make when in her own body. You could tell there was some connection between them, but it was undermined by all the other weird involvement with many different characters.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 8.31.47 PM

The witch rules were easy to follow and made sense. Every witch had powers that we wish we all had; captivation, seeing the future, switching bodies, telepathy, and becoming invisible, along with more dangerous ones like the ability to erase memory or see someone’s past scars. As the drama introduced every witch, we realized that even with having these amazing powers, pretty much all of them were lonely, had low self-esteem and felt completely isolated from society. The comedy usually consisted of pervy jokes from both Yamada-kun and Miyamura, whose bromance was very heartwarming at times. The villain which was the president of the high school pretty much fell flat towards the end…but after reading the recent chapters of this manga, it seems he might be even more evil than what is portrayed in the drama..and also the punk with the glasses that was battling for the presidential seat might actually not be a punk.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 8.35.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 8.36.20 PM

The ending which sealed any loose strings of the witch legend was completely obliterated when the last scene the drama showed was some unknown person going back to the locked room and taking up the witch rule book again. I hope there is not a second season…but if there is, maybe we will finally get some REAL romance between Yamada and Shiarishi. Before that, I want a Switch Girl 3! Do you hear that Nishiuchi Mariya?!



After watching the first two episodes of the long awaited Heirs, I have mixed feelings about it. First off, I couldn’t keep up with the synopsis of the story before it aired even when many people were reporting it. Now that it’s finally here, I get to somehow sort out all the relationships of the characters and I am still left a bit confused. The first two episodes contained SO MANY STEREOTYPES, I don’t even know how I got through it all. The Americans. Who the hell casted those Americans??? There are so many international drama lovers who are familiar with Korean entertainment, would be 100% willing to be apart of a drama, and could probably act way better than some random person off the street. Then you had the stereotypes surrounding rich teens. More than half of the leads are snobby, lazy, leech-sucking teenagers who are living off their parents and treat others who are poor like a piece of carpet. Woo Bin, I love you, but your character has got to go. Kim Tan’s fiancee…I had to beat my chest with my fist while chanting AIGOOO because I couldn’t stand the sight of her. Kystal’s character is so annoyingly petty and she talks super fast at a high pitch. Besides all of this I’m still going to watch it..Why? Because I want to see what the writer will make of this mess.

As for the main leads, I really like Park Shin Hye, but sometimes i find her acting a bit cold and impassive, but she seems to be doing ok so far. Lee Min Ho on the other hand is just getting started and I’m happy to be able to watch him again. I cannot convince myself he is a high schooler, like really. And his house??? What house, I mean his mansion…Ugh, it’s completely breathtaking. All I know is that all of them need to get out of America asap and go back to Korea. The incongruity between the Americans and the actors are really not sitting well with me. I can’t take anymore of the random Konglish and bad acting. It’s distracting and leaves a bad aftertaste.

Unemployment Romance

Unemployed Romance

This is such a nice drama to watch on the side! It’s super kooky and funny! The only thing i’m a bit concerned about is the pacing, with only 10 episodes, I was not expecting for the lead guy to not even be shown in the first episode (apart from the flashback). I am so ready for Seung Hee to make her way to the unemployment office! The funny hijinks especially the part where Seung Hee and her coworkers break out into some sort of kpop number, and random dancing idol boys pop out singing money, money, money was very pleasing. It pretty much had me laughing and crying at the same time because I know the feeling so well. I can’t wait for the chemistry between Lee Young Ah and Nam Goong Min! It seems what the drama is doing is slowly unraveling their relationship until we can get to the point  where their relationship went wrong and watch them piece it back together. I’m happy to see Lee Young Ah out of her prosecutor character, her comedic chops are spot on. I also loved seeing the ahjusshi from Vampire Prosecutor make a cameo ^^. Reallyyyy looking forward to this one! Good thing it’s only 1 episode a week which allows us to savor every minute of it while begging for more.

Jung Couple

We Got Married

Ok, so I know this isn’t a drama, but I haven’t been completely taken over by this show since the Adam couple days. Lately the couples started off really cute and stuff, but it got to a point where it was getting boring. I’m not sure what the team for WGM started drinking, but they are finally doing stuff right! Jung Yumi and Jung Joon Young? Whoever thought of this combo should get a raise…immediately. So yeah they don’t have much in common, but their banter is super hilarious! I started to get into Joon Young after I saw him in Monstar. Apart from pretty boys, I think my “type” as they would say are guys that look like him. Who have tired eyes, dark hair, are tall, and just have this mysterious aura around them. I would probably group Kang Dong Won and Joo Won into the same category as Joon Young. Any who, I have really been completely captivated by him…not by his gaming though. He’s driving Yumi-shi and myself crazy by just acting like a little kid, and then totally makes up for it by singing. What hurts is that it works on the both of us.

As for the other new couple Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon..um, should I plan the wedding now? Yoon Han is SUPER smooth lol. I love when Danny Ahn is just amazed that girls would actually fall for his corniness. They are more cutesy, but much more mature than the Jung couple, which is the name I have coined for them. What I love most is that both are actually thinking about getting MARRIED. Thank you WGM for finally living up to your name. I think too many couples have come out of this show where we can vouch for the fact that they will remain as “just friends”…Boooorrrrringgg. I really wanted a couple that would completely disintegrate that trend. I can’t believe I constantly check a number of websites to see if new episodes have been subbed when I know fully well they don’t come out till sundays..That means WGM is doing something right.

*All credit goes to the broadcasting companies, KBS, SBS, Fuji TV, SBS, and E Channel respectively. Click on official drama posters to be linked to their Asian wiki’s.

3 thoughts on “Dramascope (October 2013)”

  1. ” Even though Yamada-kun kissed pretty much every female that appeared in the drama along with males,” WOW it sounds like there was even more kissing in Yamada-kun than I thought there’d be. I think I will skip Yamada-kun since I also haven’t read the manga before.

    And lol about Heirs, totally agree, who casted the Americans? We definitely have better actors than the ones that were casted. T__T And they also made the American characters so stereotypical…along with the rich kids who were painfully cliched. Urgh. *facepalm*

    1. Yeah, Yamada-kun is not worth the time. But if you ever decide to actually check it out, it’s a quick watch. And it keeps you pretty entertained for the most part. But like many shoujo manga’s, the story is a bit shallow.

      Oh dear. I really just want to teleport all those Korean characters back to SK :/ If I weren’t American and was not familiar with the American culture, I would basically wrap my head around the idea that young Americans are st0ners, promiscuous, party animals, and only care about having fun (also we are most likely gangsters). If they were to pick actual k-drama loving Americans..it might pose a small issue since they’ll probably be drooling just by looking at Lee Min Ho, but they will certainly get the job done way better than those useless actors.

      Despite this…i’ll be watching it anyway haha. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      1. Well actually it is not just the actors themselves that are the problem, I feel like the drama meant to portray them in such a way. T_T” I guess they were going for the edgy beachy feel but it failed.

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