Morning Dew Playlist 4 (Casker Edition)

Morning Dew Playlist 4

First morning dew playlist of the year, and I’m happy to announce that I cordially invited Casker to join me…too bad they have not a single clue. The amazing duo is formed by Yung Jin on vocals and Lee Jun Ho…basically on everything else. This amazing group won my heart since my last morning dew post, but after digging even more into their humble song collection, I’ve become a huge fan. The different melodies, riffs, and beats that Jun Ho (and i’m sure Yung Jin has some part in it as well) is able to smash together goes along wonderfully with Yung Jin’s emotional voice. If you close your eyes and listen to a Casker song, you hear the Korean language, but there are harmonic elements inspired by Spanish and French tunes. Casker’s lyrics are composed of many themes revolving around love: heartbreak, missing each other, and sadness. What I love most about their music is that Yung Jin can move me through her singing without understanding 95% of what she is saying.

Morning Dew Playlist: Music that encompasses soft, fuzzy, warm feels. May include pop artists who also create music with this type of feeling. Also includes drama OST’s that may compel you to break down and cry or get you swaying in your seat. This is the playlist you listen to on early, dewy mornings. On rainy, thundering days, or just when you want music to radiate a peaceful energy. 

Casker Songs: *Click to listen*
Casker 1 Casker 2

놓아줘 (feat. Joe Wonsun)
모든 토요일
꼭 이만큼만  Casker 3                                                                                
Face You
고양이와 나
흩어진 나날들

Other Songs: 

° Rain – Lim Kim
처음엔 사랑이란게 (Love At First) – Busker BuskerLim Heo Nil
° Love Is Over (Feat. 일리닛) – Vanilla Acoustic
° 있잖아 궁금해 with 예슬- Standing Egg
° 잘할 걸 (Too Much Regrets) – Busker Busker
° 시원한 여자 (Cool Girl) – Busker Busker
° 줄리엣 (Juliette) – Busker Busker
° Modern Times- IU
° 금요일에 만나요 (Friday)(feat. Jang Yijeong Of History)- IU
° 페이퍼컷(Papercut)- Papercut Project
° 페이퍼컷 프로젝트- Papercut ProjectPapercut Project Album cover
° 내아내의 모든것- Moi
°  내게 사랑을 말하지 말았어야 – Lim Heo Nil
° 한 여름 밤의 별- Park Sae Byul
° 뜨거운 감자 – 고백
° 속마음- Sesame and Cotton Candy
° 여수밤바다 (Cover) – Busker Busker 

Drama OST’s: 
° 미치게 만들어 (Driving Me Crazy) – Hyorin (Sistar) | The Master’s Sun
° 두번째 서랍 (The 2nd Drawer) – Sunny (SNSD) | The Queen’s Classroomyoonsang
° 서울 이곳은 (Seoul, here) – Roy Kim | Reply to Me 1994
° My Destiny – Lyn | Man From Another Star

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