Morning Dew Playlist #5

CIMG0909 copy

Wanted to try something different with this playlist and I’m hoping to do this again but with even better results! If you followed KpopStar season 2, the brother-sister duo Akdong Musician should be no stranger to you. After deciding to sign with YG I was very afraid of what image the swaggeristic empire of YG would chisel these kiddies into. Thankfully, they surpassed even what I expected from them. Still retaining a chunk of their original acoustic sound, the producers of this album managed to allow Soo Hyun’s bright, clear voice and Chan Hyuk’s rhythmic guitar playing and vocals to overpower any type of added effects on most of their album. So they did add a lot more rapping for Chan Hyuk, but somehow it all works out. My favorite song of the moment is Anyway…actually I like all of them on my list that I can’t pick a favorite. I’m still warming up to the rest of their album, but so far I am very pleased. Also I’m very happy Chan Hyuk had a chance to write his own songs, the guy is practically a genius composer.

Urban Zapaka and Vanilla Acoustic, the latter a HUGE favorite of mine came out with singles. Both share a lovely airy sound that is great to listen to in the mornings. Juuno from Casker released a wonderful EP. I’m still amazed at how he manages to incorporate so many different sounds and actually make it all work out somehow. I discovered a new Korean band which is definitely not Morning Dew material, but it’s my first time getting into Korean indie rock. This is as hardcore as I can go when it comes to rock haha and so it’s the good kind of yelling in my ears. Pavlov sounds like a bunch of college guys just having a good time rocking out in a friends’ garage, I love it! Even their videos have some sort of youthful, carpe diem aura to it.

Morning Dew Playlist: Music that encompasses soft, fuzzy, warm feels. May include pop artists who also create music with this type of feeling. Also includes drama OST’s that may compel you to break down and cry or get you swaying in your seat. This is the playlist you listen to on early, dewy mornings. On rainy, thundering days, or just when you want music to radiate a peaceful energy. 

Morning Dew Playlist #5

Wish I could tag each individual picture, but here are the links to the Youtube videos of the songs shown in my playlist.

Pavlov: 재즈의 모든 것

Pavlov: 한껏 조여진

Pavlov: 이미 끝났다는 걸

Pavlov: 내 사랑 내 곁에

오지(OZ): 왜왜왜

언니네 이발관 꿈의 팝송

재주소년:  마지막 춤은 나와 함께

Vanilla Acoustic: 한 번쯤 니가 먼

Urban Zapaka: Like a Bird

Juuno: Poly Evil

Juuno: Floater

Akdong Musician Full Album

And to share the love of Polaroid, I love Urban Zapaka’s Like a Bird video!
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.48.51 PM


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