☼ The Sunshine Award ☼ / UPDATE

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This is a new one! Never heard of the sunshine award before, but I willingly received it 🙂 A HUGE thanks to Heisui and jyl for nominating me. Thank you my good friends for always keeping me in mind. Personally, I feel utterly disappointed at my inability to keep up with my blog or even in other things that I love doing. You think 24 hours in a day would be enough, but I am now living on campus and I’ve become completely consumed by school. Instead of my cozy bed, the library has become the place where I spend most of my time in. I’m happy that I have a chance to even receive an education where hopefully I can come out with a nice job (and lots of debt), but i’m quite saddened that I no longer have the time to do the things which I find pleasure in doing.


With that being said, I won’t be able to even write up a paragraph for an end of the year review, so instead i’ll gladly support my fellow bloggers on theirs. Can’t wait to see all of them! 😀 And because I had some major issues with my computer, I wasn’t able to post my Sunshine Award answers until now…so since i’m late i’m just going to answer them without nominating. I’m sure this award made it’s way around the blogosphere. Winter break is drawing near so I am prepared to marathon dramas day in and day out!



1. How do you cheer yourself up if you’re not in a good mood? I watch dramas.

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2. If you could sum up your blog in one sentence, what would it be? [Insert lots of edited pictures here] Few thoughts [Insert more edited pictures here].

3. How would you like to be remembered in the blogosphere? (If you already answered this question before, you may skip it if you like.) Hmmm. I hope people will be able to see my love and respect for another culture other than my own and how much I love photography.

4. What is it about dramas and drama blogging that makes you happy? I really love the short span of dramas and how I can watch really sad/romantic/scary things all at once and the story finishes up in like a couple of months. Drama blogging makes me happy because I can connect with others from different walks of life who love the same thing as me.

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5. What is one of your favorite words or phrases?  Give the definition/meaning & explain why you like it.  (The word does not have to be in English.) I have a few favorite words but I can’t remember what they are..not sure if that voids them as being a “favorite”.



1. How were you introduced to dramas? I was browsing Hulu and bumped into Boys Over Flowers. Never finished BoF, but since then I’ve finished a lot of other things.

2. Which do you prefer: the marathon or the live watch? Live watch please. Marathoning makes me turn into Nodame when she re-watches stuff over and over again. Flies buzz around me, a stack of bags form under my eyes, and I feel like crap the next day. Although I have no choice but to succumb to marathoning once my winter break comes around.

3. What is the most important life lesson you’ve learned from watching dramas? Haha. If we hate each other at first, i’m 99.9% sure it must be love (There is a .01% chance that we might be long lost siblings..but that’s a little gross).

Creepy Smile

4. What is your go-to form of entertainment when you’re experiencing a drama slump? I switch to movies.

5. As drama viewers, we sometimes experience something called Second-Lead Syndrome, wherein we “ship” a protagonist with a supporting character rather than the destined co-star. Oftentimes it is the second male lead we support in his pursuit of the heroine, and rarely do we ever root for the second female lead as a potential companion for the hero. What’s your take on this trend? Simple answer: The drama watching audience is female dominated. Long Answer: Writers tend to make the second female lead very 1-dimensional. And since most of the time we aren’t suppose to like all of the characters, the second female lead has to take on the baggage of having an undesirable personality. By showing a female lead who is able to somehow capture the hearts of two (most likely) very hot and rich guys,  it’s sort of a way to tell the female audience that they should be more like the female lead instead of the usual backstabbing female second leads that are always causing trouble.

Second male leads are usually given more qualities and more time to shape them as a character, so even if they eventually turn evil, you feel pity for them. Second female leads are rarely given that chance because their character is either undeveloped or they are off the bat evil..to bounce back from that initial aversion is hard. Lastly, since most people in South Korea agree with heterosexuality, then the women audience would naturally root for guys instead of the girls.


A friend once told me that promises are meant to be broken, but still…


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