Morning Dew Playlist #6 [Beenzino Edition]

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Hello my music loving friends! I think with each MDP post, i’m redefining it by adding artists that are not K-indie, hopefully you don’t mind because I decided to introduce Beenzino who is a South Korean rapper and not “morning dew-esque” in any way. Although, arguably he can be considered an underground rapper, which when it boils down to it is indie. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen his name floating around before but never really bothered to listen to his stuff. That all changed when Epik High came out with Shoebox just recently and featured Beenzino in their music chart hit “Born Hater”. I was completely captivated by Beenzino’s voice and primarily his flow. As I searched Youtube for more of his work I realized his lyrics are not strategically strung together like one of my favorite K-rappers, Verbal Jint, but his awkward lyrics and smooth tunes just fit so perfectly, all I can conclude is that he was made for this.

Beenzino Tracklist

Since i’m on the subject of K-hiphop, here are some of my other favorite songs that I’ve been listening to lately (includes R&B). Some are linked to their official videos:

Khiphop Tracks

1. A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness – San E ft. Raina (Orange Caramel)
2. A Real Man – Swings ft. Ailee
3. Album: Shoebox – EpikHigh
4. Forrest Gump – Paloalto ft. Mayson the Soul
5. 6 to 9 – Mayson the Soul ft. Loco
6. Me These Days – Yoon Do Hyun ft. K.Will and Tablo
7. Erase – Joo Young & Hyorin ft. Iron (Show me the Money 3)
8. Bounce – Bobby (Show me the Money 3)
9. I Smell Autumn – Verbal Jint ft. Eddy Kim


I want to point out the singer A.T which appears on my playlist. Her voice first caught my attention when I heard it on the variety show Roommate. It was hard to find stuff on her because she changed her stage name, but I did..and I love her voice to bits. She actually served as a voice coach for notable stars such as IU and Baek Ji Young…so that is evidence that she has some spectacular pipes. A.T has been trying to get herself out there and appears on Immortal Song where she blows the audience away. Since many of us don’t have a Hangul keyboard i’ll list all the songs at the bottom so it’s easy to copy and paste. Also, i’m including two links to my favorite performances by A.T on Immortal Song. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, stay safe, and thank you as always for visiting my blog 🙂

1. Madly – Clazziquai
2. 자전거 (Feat. 송희란) – Yoon Kye Myung
3. 다리미 – Coffee Boy
4. 너를 좋아하니까 – Beauty Hansome
5. Love Love Love – Beauty Hansome
6. The One I Love – Jang Beom June
7. 몰라요 – Peppertones
8. Difficult Woman – Jang Beom June
9. Goodmorning – A.T
10. Time and Fallen Leaves – Akdong Musician
11. 맘에 걸려 – Standing Egg
12. Everybody Sing a Song – Lunchsong Project (feat. Ju Ha)
13. I Feel You – Hong Dae Kwang
14. Roommate – Lim Kim & Eddy Kim
15. 빌리어코스티 – Bille Acoustie

Just want to say, i’m starting to have a lot of fun making these morning dew posts. It’s very experimental and can sometimes give me a headache, but fun nonetheless.

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