My Love Eun-Dong Insights: Episodes 1-4

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Hello fellow drama lovers. I still exist, and I’ve finally found the time and energy to pick up writing about dramas again. Since I don’t have friends around me that watch them as much as I do, I bottle up a lot of my feelings inside, but I feel like i’m ready to burst because I have so many things to say about the shows that I’m watching. I’m bringing back my insight posts like I did with You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin because My Love Eun Dong makes me want to spazz, both in a good and bad way. I already knew going into this that it was going to be a tear jerker, but after watching ep 3 I feel like i’m not ready for this story. My Love Eun Dong seems to remind me of Angel Eyes, where the entire universe is against two innocent beings whose only wish is to stay together..unfortunately, they have asked for too much. 

Instead of writing huge pedantic paragraphs, my insights are brief comments on the events or actions happening in a drama. I try not to hold back and I write the very first thing that comes to mind when I watch a scene that stands out to me. These are my thoughts and you don’t have to agree with them, but feel free to share what you think! 

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Episode 1 + 2

  • I won’t comment on these two episodes because there was a lot of repetition and we really hit the ground running starting at ep 3. If you couldn’t bear through these two eps because of how solemn the tone was, then you may want to cut all ties now… it gets worst :/ I’m in this for Joo Jin Mo!!!

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Episode 3

  • This chic Seo Ryeong..what is she wearing. I feel like she came to seduce him because it looks like she’s wearing a bath robe——and what do you know.
  • OH BROTHER, WHERE IS HER MEMORY?? WHEREVER IT IS, WHOEVER HAS IT, GIVE IT BACK. JEBAL. I’ve really had it with this amnesia trope because it’s been happening so frequently nowadays! This makes my eyes roll to the back of my head.


  • You would freakin think that after losing this girl once, this guy would have not only found out her last name, but also where she lived!! I mean cmon. He’s not a good enough stalker. Remember when he was peeking on her from the window while she was teaching the class? That’s like stalker level 0 because she caught him. Imo that was a bit creepy actually.
  • Oh my, he’s expressing the words he has been wanting to tell her. I love this actor. I wish he would get his own drama because he has the chops to be the lead.Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 9.49.46 PM
  • Eun Dong’s bff is a bit lame. I think she’s written pretty realistically tho. I’m wondering if I would say the same thing to my friend if I ever heard such a crazy story.
  • Joo Jin Mo is sooooo sad 😦 Oppa you are TALKING to Eun Dong right now.
  • NOOOOOOOOOO. HER HUSBAND IS DISABLED? Ay caramba. This is bad. The writers for this drama are terrible. I know this is suppose to be a tearjerker but cmon. And look who it is. Freakin Kim Tae Hoon who I just saw acting as the devil himself in Angry Mom, and he’s also in the promos for the upcoming criminal drama Hidden Identity. He plays so many bad characters that I can’t help but associate him with being evil. This is really gonna be hard.
  • The suspense is killing me. This is so frustrating because as an audience we know 90% of what’s going on, but these characters are completely clueless.
  • So many of the characters are saying words that they are going to later on eat as a full course meal. You can’t imagine Eun Dong being married. Well sorry pal, but she’s married AND has a child..I really don’t see this ending well. Unless he learns to let go of his first love and stop being so obsessed about her. It’s either that, or Eun Dong leaves her current husband. Which ever way, people are going to get hurt.

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  • Her kid is so big too 😦
  • The song Fame is replaying in my head..particularly the part that chimes the word remember, remember, REMEMBER. Please remember. I can’t have this going on for 5 episodes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 9.56.09 PM Cat typing

Keep typing my dear. You will remember soon enough.

Episode 4

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  • I feel bad saying this, but Eun Dong’s step parents always seemed fishy to me ever since the scene of her foster father telling her to pack, and right now it’s obvious the mom is lying. The only way I can see Eun Dong leaving her current husband even when he’s in that state is if he has done something terrible and kept it from her. But i understand them lying to her in order to keep her from hurting..even though that’s still unacceptable in my book, there’s gotta be something even bigger that is being hidden.
  • Halmeoni, i’ll forgive you for losing the letter since you noticed it was Eun Dong right away. Good job!

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  • How can a father say that to his daughter?? You tell her she made a mistake and has to be good to her husband but you don’t tell her what mistake she made? What kind of ppl are these?
  • Wooooow they even lied about her birth?? Nope. She’s been conned for 10 years. This is a grown woman and you’re still beating around the bush like this? Unbelievable
  • Ughh a wicked mother in-law. Just great. I’m 55% sure she’s going to walk away from her life with these people. Your son made the choice to save her, you should feel proud.

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  • Oh my. She.kissed.him. GO AWAY you snakeee
  • LOL. Look at who’s his doctor. Why am i even surprised. I hope she’s the typical confidentiality breaker often seen in dramas and she spills the beans to her brother whenever she catches a whiff of Eun Dong’s situation.

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  • Some friend you are.
  • Someone other than backstabbing people. Please put 2 and 2 togetherrr. I really, really hate this plot device
  • Listen you! Do not tell that snake anything!!! What kind of a friend are you. You have seen his relationship with Eun Dong, and you probably had to drink hundreds of beers and console him before he started to move forward, but this man has been thinking about the same girl for 20 yrs!! Even if she’s already settled her life, he deserves to know.

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  • And he told her..
  • Oh my gosh this chic is crazy. SHE’S CRAZY. You’re angry because she has that kind of story with him. Are you kidding me?! I just can’t with this lady. Their story is a painful one and you actually want that to happen to you. Is she perhaps a masochist?

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  • No you slacker! Get up and go find your woman!
  • OMO THE HUSBAND’S FACIAL EXPRESSION WHEN SHE SAID EUN DONG. He’s freakin in on this scam!! I’m 85% sure she’s gonna get back with her first love.
  • Does he listen to that song everyday. His life is a bit pitiful
  • Yessss he realized what she said earlier! I also thought to myself, dude why aren’t you asking how she knew when u gaiz kissed? But I brushed it off
  • Joo Jin Mo with wer hair ❤

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.33.28 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.33.30 PM

  • Gahh in the preview! In this day and age you would think the smart thing to do is look up a person on google but nooo. And why is it that only the bad people use private investigators??

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Where is the next episode??

 *All photo credit used in this post goes to JTBC.

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