Dramascope (Feb 2017)


I thought it would be a crime to not share how giddy I am over the fact that Shin Min Ah is playing a photographer, and her love interest is Lee Je Joon! I apparently don’t consider leaving my blog to the dust mites a more severe crime but eh, what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

In my last semester of university last year, I took it upon myself to take a beginner Korean course. It’s hard for me to learn a language on my own probably because there are no incentives. However if my grade is on the line, I’m more than willing to put time into studying something I wouldn’t merely do for fun. I would highly recommend learning hangul if you find that you’re completely engrossed in the Korean culture and have passed the point of no return. Not knowing hangul was as as if I were walking around with blindfolds on. I don’t know 90% of the words that I read, but it opened my eyes to how often Koreans adopt English words and just spell them with Korean characters. It can be really funny at times.

But on to the good stuff! Dramas! Right now I’m currently watching only 3 dramas. Which is a MAJOR decrease from what I used to do in my prime Asian drama addict days. I find that at this moment there aren’t many dramas airing that call my attention, which is unfortunate because I have so much time on my hands these days.

Currently Watching

Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu


Ever since Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu finished, an empty void has been in my heart. This drama has perfectly managed to fill this void so far. The pacing is great, the chemistry is there, and most of all the character Nanami Ryu is simply a breath of fresh air. One thing I noticed was that when he fights with Takanashi Asuka, he immediately goes and apologizes. He likes to make things clear and set things straight right away. This my dramaland people is how we avoid misunderstandings and distrust! I really hope this side of him doesn’t wane as the drama goes on, and I even hope the heroine can do the same. One thing I kinda dislike about this drama is that almost 95% of their conversations whether it’s between the main leads or side characters is about kekkon (marriage). I know that’s what this whole show is about, but i wish I didn’t have to hear the word about 100x in an episode. I’ve become sensitive to the word because of Watashi Kekkon Dekinai Janakute, Shinain desu, which I must finish soon T^T. Someone I follow on twitter once said that Japan needs to step it up in terms of their cinematography. I agree, it may need some work here and there. But there’s something about the way Japanese dramas are shot that makes it feel more organic and real. It’s like I’m watching an indie film but not really. I think too many Korean dramas and many, many Taiwanese and some Chinese dramas are plagued with very bright, crisp, picture-perfect cinematography. It looks great when you’re watching it in HD, but at the same time it can cause a disconnect between the viewer.

Tomorrow With You 


I love Shin Min Ah and also Lee Je Joon so much that I didn’t care if this drama was mediocre (I’m looking at you Oh My Venus!). But thankfully it seems to be a story filled with charm. Song Ma Rin and Yoo So Joon in a way are not very complex characters, but their fates are. I just love how he saw his future with him being married to her, swears to never fall in love with her or have anything to do with her, yet he cannot stop the fate of love between them. What’s more interesting is their simultaneous deaths, which seems to befall them wayy too soon and also the other shady time traveler ajusshi that told him about it.


What I love the most about Tomorrow With You are the tones. The mellow blues and greens are reminiscent of Lee Je Joon’s previous drama, Signal. Ma Rin’s sad and broken life coupled with the premonition of death suits the ominous ambience. I’ll be fine with death in the end (although I don’t prefer it) as long as our leads get a love story with some happiness and lotsss of kisses and cuddles xD.


Recently Finished



I feel just as lonely as our dear Goblin felt when his best friend, sister, and lover left his side. Only difference is I feel lonely about being in the minority that didn’t exactly love this drama. At times I laughed, especially when watching the bromance between the Goblin and the Grim reaper. And at some points, I was shocked by the out of left-field twists…yet I still wasn’t completely captivated by the drama as a whole for several reasons. My number one issue from episode 1 was the length. Why each episode had to be over an hour long , I don’t know, but it left me restless by the hour mark. And towards the end, they had so many flashback scenes I had to keep skimming. Two: I just could not for the life of me feel a drop of chemistry between Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. Ok, maybe I was too busy shipping  Gong Yoo with myself, but still! Her cutesy acting at the beginning didn’t sit well with me, and even as an adult, it became better but still didn’t seem right. I’ve seen her in Cheese in the Trap where she was excellent (I also started re-watching CitT during Goblin because that’s how much I missed her acting there), and I also saw her in Coin Locker Girl where she also did well. My issue is not with Kim Go Eun at all, it’s the character herself that I’m not crazy about. For being over 900 years old, the goblin is quite immature. And who wouldn’t be especially if you’ve seen almost everything there is to life and you’ve been through so much. I can see how that would create a magnet between him and a high girl whose been through her rough patches as well. But..the chemistry. When they kissed I felt nothing.


What I did love about Goblin were the 2nd leads. And I would skip all the crying between the first leads to watch Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. I’m very proud of them as actors. I’ve been wanting Lee Dong Wook to end up with a good script in his hands and catch a big break. He isn’t bad at acting! He’s just bad at picking projects or maybe his management is, I don’t know. Yoo In Na i’ve been following since her Secret Garden days, and I’ve always had a liking towards her. Putting these two together created magic till she learned about her past life. Then everything just went out the window after that. I just didn’t understand why they couldn’t be together, and I especially didn’t understand why Sunny bought into all this past life stuff. It really seemed out of character to me! Sunny is independent, snappy, headstrong, and has insecurities about meeting the right mate. So when she was shown her past life, I don’t know how in hell she actually accepted it as if it should dictate what to do with her life now. I would’ve liked her not call the Goblin as her brother (it was weird) and also to give the finger to the whole past life thing and just love the Grim reaper in the present. So maybe he would’ve died anyway and left her, or maybe she would’ve died before him…who knows. but no regrets right?


Apart from that I loved the cinematography, especially from the historical period. The OST that has been on the charts didn’t speak to my soul at all, and it felt so pale in the background. One song did kinda have me humming along with it towards the end but i’m not sure who sings it.

All in all, I’m happy Gong Yoo came back to the small screen with a bang! He deserves it, and of course all the other actors, writer, director deserve it just as much. I simply was not blown away by the whole gig, and I’m happy to move on. Maybe because all of the hype surrounding it I closed myself off to taking this drama seriously. I tend to really analyze a drama harshly when it’s receiving so much love.



I recently created a My Drama List account, and since I’ve been on the hunt for more dramas similar to Love Me if You Dare (<333333), it seemed Siren was rated an 8.2/10 so I decided to give it a go. The premise is basically two cops who are going out and living together but are keeping it a secret from their co-workers because lovers are not allowed to work in the same department and both of them are trying to be promoted. In the first case we’re introduced to, the heroine meets a woman who later befriends her and seems to be entangled with every single case after that. Ultimately, her boyfriend has to link all these cases to her new “friend”, who is actually a psycho serial killer and is after his girlfriend’s life.

This was one of those dramas when after I finished it, I asked myself: what the hell did I just watch, and why is this rated 8.2???? Now I love Tori Matsuzaka and the beautiful man he is, but the characters in this show and the plot holes were nonsensical. The girlfriend was a total dimwit who decided it was better to trust some shady new friend than the guy she has known and lived with for so many years. The police were idiots that didn’t believe Matsuzaka’s intuition just because he didn’t have the evidence. The psycho killer is the same actress in Sukina Hito ga Irun Koto, who played the ex-girlfriend who just wouldn’t let go. Seeing her again in an unlikable role just made me hate her character even more. I gave this drama a personal rating of 6.5 and would not recommend it at all. It just goes to show you that you have to take these online ratings with a grain of salt. Sometimes the ratings are on point, sometimes they are completely off the mark.


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is the 3rd drama I’m currently watching and it’s my hope to write a separate post about it. I’m not sure if I’m back to blogging for good, but until then…happy drama watching!~

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    1. hehe, yeah I was feeling crazy one night and decided that I wasn’t going to go to sleep until I wrote up a post. Thank you for always welcoming me back after my long hiatuses. And thank you! I miss uni so much tho T^T

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