Rapper’s Delight Playlist

khiphop playlist

I know I started off with the Morning Dew Playlist in the early years of this blog, but I don’t find myself listening to as much Korean indie because they usually sound relatively the same. Even more so than K-pop, I end up listening to more K-hip hop than anything else. I don’t plan on killing the Morning Dew Playlist, but right now it’s at a standstill until i’m in the mood to listen to whispery, airy music accompanied with melodica’s and egg shakers. This playlist is a little dated because I made the image and then didn’t bother to actually make a blog post about it, but the songs highlighted in pink I’m always replaying. 

Rapper’s Delight is a song by the Sugar Hill Gang probably most notably performed in The Wedding Singer and it’s used in one of my favorite Evian commercials. So I decided to erm, “borrow”, their song name for my playlist name. I highly recommend giving a listen to the up and coming artist, LIVE. It’s so hard to find stuff about him on Google for obvious reasons, but he just recently released his first album and his beats and music videos should not be slept on. Code Kunst also just released an album, and Beenzino is off to the army T^T. Anywho, those new songs will appear in my next Rapper’s Delight Playlist, but I hope you find something to jam to in this one. And I’ll make sure to number them next time, 미안해요 (sorry)!

Track list Song Links:


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