23 thoughts on “About”

      1. Yaaay I’m happy for you hehe! I’m ok. I’m not as busy as before but somehow..I’m not posting as frequently as I used to. >_>” I feel like I’ve gotten slower at getting around to writing stuff lately, heheh.

        1. Haha thanks! Yeah I feel the same. There’s just so much stuff that I’m watching and stuff that I want to watch…I don’t know how to go about writing about them. Hopefully we can get back in the loop soon 😀

    1. Are you happy with it? 😀 The thing is I don’t really know what names are popular in SK. I can also admit not knowing how to differentiate between male vs female names most of the time..

      1. Haha! I don’t know the difference between male and female names either! But the generator asked my gender too so it must be a female name 😛 It’s okay, kinda reminds me of Go Eun Chan (from Coffee Prince). I would love to be called “My Chan” by someone! Hehe 😛 I do like your name though! It’s really cute! Shin Sung Mi ~ Looks like we have the same surname! 😀

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