Digital/Film Adventures


After almost a year, I’m back with my photo adventures. Hope you enjoy them 🙂 Continue reading “Digital/Film Adventures”


Digital Adventures!


In lieu of hell week, I decided this is the most appropriate time to finally knock down the cobwebs from this blog and write something. I hope everyone is doing splendid! For all you East coasters, we can finally feel some warmth on our skin after winter latched onto us for so long. I was walking to class today and was utterly confused when I saw white stuff falling from the sky…winter just won’t let go. The good news is my finals end RIGHT before the wave of dramas start airing, so you can pretty much guess what i’ll be doing for my summer #noregrets. There are so many dramas that I’m interested in watching and so little time, but hopefully everyone is finding something they enjoy!

Time for some picturessss. Hope you like them 🙂 Continue reading “Digital Adventures!”

Film Adventures!

 19 copy 2

I was excited to get this roll of film back because I actually took the time to think more deeply on how I wanted to take each picture. I had cold water thrown on my excitement when I found out my local Walgreens does not develop film themselves anymore, instead they send it out to a processing company, which means it took me 3 stinking weeks to get my photos back. However, I noticed that my photos were cut correctly and in terms of quality it just seems those folks knew what they were doing so it was worth the wait. Continue reading “Film Adventures!”

Digital and Film Adventures!


I think I spit out a photography post when I want to undergo damage control, since I haven’t posted anything for a good month haha. At least i’m staying true to my username though, so here is a joint post with film and digital pictures I have taken. Continue reading “Digital and Film Adventures!”

Camera Bag: Pentax K1000

Pentax Expansion

This won’t be a complete review, but more of a “getting to know you” approach towards the camera Pentax K1000. I got this camera towards the end of 2011 and only now is when I’m really starting to get into it. It took me long enough, because so far this has been an excellent learning experience. Until May 2013, I had only developed 2 rolls of film and they were very disappointing, which explains why I dropped the camera for some time. I got the lighting off completely on the rolls, and most shots were super underexposed. Plus, I didn’t get them on a cd so I couldn’t fix them on the computer. At that time I was familiar with the words aperture, shutter speed, ISO and all that good stuff, but I wasn’t so versed on how they were all intertwined. I recently developed 2 more rolls, and I was quite happy with the results. Continue reading “Camera Bag: Pentax K1000”