☼ The Sunshine Award ☼ / UPDATE

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This is a new one! Never heard of the sunshine award before, but I willingly received it 🙂 A HUGE thanks to Heisui and jyl for nominating me. Thank you my good friends for always keeping me in mind. Personally, I feel utterly disappointed at my inability to keep up with my blog or even in other things that I love doing. You think 24 hours in a day would be enough, but I am now living on campus and I’ve become completely consumed by school. Instead of my cozy bed, the library has become the place where I spend most of my time in. I’m happy that I have a chance to even receive an education where hopefully I can come out with a nice job (and lots of debt), but i’m quite saddened that I no longer have the time to do the things which I find pleasure in doing.

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Round Three…FIGHT! (Liebster Award) [Updated]

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Woohoo! I was sitting in class and ahem, took a little peak at my email and saw that the lovely Soori from Second Lead Syndrome nominated me for a Liebster Award. Then a little later in the week I received another nomination from Betsy over at Creating Volumes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing opportunity! I love this award because it gives a little peak into the real lives of bloggers, which is always fun to learn about 🙂 If I’m hit with another opportunity like this I might be K.O.’ed! Thank you lovelies! ❤

liebster award

Le Rules:

  1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.
  2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.


1. What was your first drama (Korean or other Asian drama) and what made you watch it? 
Soooo my first drama was Boys Over Flowers which till this day I have not finished and have no intention to. Honestly, I was bored during my Thanksgiving break and sat around browsing Hulu looking for things to watch…BoF looked really appealing, and the story seemed like a manga to me (at the time I did not know it was originally a manga). It might be shallow of me, but I couldn’t stand Goo Hye Sun’s bowl cut so I stopped watching it and looked for other Asian dramas. Though now I have no issues with bowl cuts haha.

2. When you start a new drama, what are your requirements (eg. the plot, poster, trailer, 3. writer, or PD and so on….) 
First, I need to know at least one of the actors. Second, if the teaser does not peak my interest, chances are I mightttt check it out but won’t go in expecting anything. Now that i’m starting to think more critically about dramas (sort of), I’m starting to look at who the writer is and what other works they have done.

3. What story (drama story) had an impact on your life, or if there are any?
I think all of them one way or another have had an impact on my life. If anything, Korean movies are more impactful to me than the dramas.

4. What is your favorite OST and why? 
That Winter, That Wind Blows! LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOVE the ost. Till this day, I repeatedly play it which means it must be really good. Something about each song which are sung by Yesung (Super Junior), Gummy, The One, and Taeyeon (SNSD) makes me feel each one of them are telling a story only each of them know well enough to belt out about.

5. What are your thoughts in regards of the weak female leads? 
In the context of Asian dramas, there is a long list of what most people consider as a weak female lead. Unfortunately, screenwriters like to keep using them and we shrug our shoulders and move on. However, this past year and maybe the one before…I think the female leads are stepping up slowly. It’s not that I want a heroine in a rom-com to hate guys and never, ever consider having a relationship with a guy…but I just want the female to have a mind of her own… To not turn into complete goo once she figures out that she likes a really hot guy and he reciprocates those feelings. If the female character is weak, that means the writing for her is weak.

6. What character you find similar to yourself and why? 
I get a little jealous when other people can answer this question. I’ve watched so many dramas and yet I still can’t find one that is like myself. Maybe it’s because i can’t find any girl characters that embody my personality…I never tried looking at the guys. I’m sure i’ll find myself amidst one of the second leads…not sure who though.

7. Do you have any actresses/actors you used to dislike but ended up changing your opinion about her/him/them after watching a (certain) drama? 
Certainly! Yoon Sang Yoon. For some odddd reason I just couldn’t like this guy! I saw Secret Garden, and i couldn’t stand his character Oska. Then, I saw snippets of Take Care of the Young Lady…and still something wasn’t clicking. Finally I saw the recent I Hear Your Voice and was kind of bummed that I really wanted to watch the drama but didn’t like the thought of him being in it. Lawyer Cha was awesome, and now I have not a single thing against Sang Yoon-shi. haha. The person who is still at the top of my list is Cha Seung Won. I think it’s the mustache…it’s gotta be the stache.

8. Which variety show is your guilty pleasure? 
Watching variety shows is extremely time consuming for me, and I usually succumb to it if I have no dramas to watch. I wouldn’t call them a guilty pleasure, but I do enjoy Running Man, Daddy Where Are You Going, and Happy Together. Is We Got Married variety?

9. Which singer/s made you cry?
Alluding to my answer for question numero 4, The One + Eunji + Yiruma’s live version of Winter Love from TWTWB ost brought me to tears. Please just have a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

10. What would be your ideal drama story?
I actually have no complaints with the usual poor girl meets cold, rich guy setup. However, I wish there would be a second season to these stories to see how they go on living. So basically the part that the writers force us to “imagine” in the end is my ideal drama story.

Untitled-21. If you had one k-drama to use to convert some young innocent into a fellow k-drama fan, what drama would that be? (Or TW-drama or J-drama, if you’d prefer…) 
Heartless City!!!!!!!!!! That speaks for itself.

2. What drama trope would you most like to experience?
Spontaneous co-habitation. The one and only time I could ever dream of living with a guy out of wedlock.

3. If you could hang out for a whole day with a drama character, what drama character would you choose?
Na-Jung from Reply to Me 1994. I don’t know about waiting on those long fan lines just to see oppa. If she doesn’t make me do that, I think it would be pretty fun to hang out with her.

4. What advice would you give to a brand new blogger?
Master the art of writing because you really want to, don’t let it be forced, and especially don’t let it be because your first priority is how many views or comments you can get. Everything will fall into place once you find your voice.

5. Ocean, lake, or river?
Oceans, because they are surreal. Oceans may appear to us the same way that life does. You can’t see what’s ahead, all you can see is a vast amount of water but you know that there’s way more out there than your mind can comprehend. All it takes is a faith that even amidst a large ocean, you won’t drown 🙂

My Questions (8 because that was hard enough)
1. Should more dramas have second seasons? Why or why not.
2. Any idea as to why drama watching is a female-dominated past time?
3. Do you want Asian dramas to become big in other countries, or would you like it to stay the way it is now. That is, a much smaller tight-knit international community.
4. How many dramas have you completed entirely? (Don’t be shy saying the number xD)
5. What actors/actresses are you dying to see act together?
6. If you could be an extra in a drama or movie, which one will you be in?
7. You are a character in a drama, and instead of killing you off, the writer chooses to send you abroad to “study”…where will you go?
8. Pen, pencil, or keyboard?

Give me my Kdrama

Idle Revelry

Tidal Kpop

Sphere of Gray

Drama Debussie

[UPDATED]: Two more liebster’s to add to this growing list! Wow, thank you so much Timeinthegray over at Sphere of Gray and Ladida from Idle Revelry!!

Q from SphereoG

1. What is one drama you hate that everyone loves?
Shut Up Flower Boy Band…I don’t hate the drama completely, but I seriously don’t get why so many people rave about it. Lee Min Ki was freakin amazing for the scraps of episodes he was in..but other than that..I wasn’t really enamored with the story line and definitely not the music :/

2. What do you loathe about blogging?
Lol, loathe is such a strong word that I only save for describing my feelings towards writing lab reports and essays >.< But I kinda just gave it away with that sentence..the writing. I’ve never been a great writer, and I love to appreciate those who have the natural gift because it’s a great thing to be able to express yourself so nicely with words..but I for one am not that great with words, so the writing part is something I kindaa dislike, but LIKE enough to still do it!

3. Suppose that you miraculously become the omnipotent force in your sworn enemy’s life. What is the one drama you’d compel him/her to watch?
Marry Him If You Dare, MUHAHAHA. By the end of it, my sworn enemy won’t even know if the life they are living is what they have chosen themselves, or if their self from another time is using them as a puppet. To put it simply, this drama will trigger an identity crisis, that’s good enough torture.

4. Think of one common drama logic gap and put it to shame, in any way you like.
I absolutely cannot stand when a guy knows the exact size of an item he’s going to give to the girl he likes. Most of the time they never even held hands!!! How the heck do you know this? It baffles me every time.

5. Bash your favorite drama for being so awesome, be it sleepless nights or life-ruining withdrawal symptoms.
Aww you should know about this one! Because we’re both going through withdrawal symptoms concerning ISWAK and TKA. I don’t care how block-headed Xiang Qin is, she has the most precious heart of all the heroine’s I know. After worrying about her knight in shining armour’s well being first, she worries about others more than herself. Zhi Shu is a huge jerk at first but the sacrifices he’s made to make sure he is worthy enough of taking Xiang Qin’s hand is very noble, and because of his character I’m attracted to cold fellows (only in dramas though). Plus I cannot stress enough that every single character including the meddling ones in this drama are crucial to the story and are likable. WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T YET. AND IF YOU HAVE..WATCH IT AGAIN 🙂

Q from Idle Revelry

1. What came first, writing, or dramas? 
Dramasss. So much easier for me to watch than write.

2. Do you have a raison d’etre behind your blog, or are you just doing it for fun?
Not really, I just found out that there are actually many people out in cyberspace that have the same feelings I do about certain stuff concerning dramas or photography..and so I decided that instead of making 100 different accounts for sites so I can discuss topics with other people, I rather just make my own blog.

3. Favorite blog post that you’ve written? That one of your fav blogs has posted?
My commentary on the last 5 episodes of Heartless City. It was the first time I ever completed an analysis of cinematography for a drama. I can’t pick a single fave blog post that someone else has written, but I really enjoy almost every post Miss Koala writes over at Koala’s Playground. Hopefully someday I can reach up to her level of exemplementry writing skillz.

4. If you could have a kdrama remake of a show from any country, what would that show be? What kdrama, if any, would you like to see remade in another country?
This is a hard question for me haha. Because I don’t really like other countries remaking dramas that I’ve already seen developed by another country. But I have a long list of dramas I want to see made..especially ones spurred from a manga. The top three countries I usually watch dramas from is Korea, Taiwan, and Japan..all have different degrees of the amount of romance they show and so..if they were to take a drama let’s say from Korea and Japan remade it (a rom-com in this case)..I feel there would be little to no romance. But if Taiwan took a dab at it, then the romance would probably increase. Maybe my reasoning is off, i’ll go ahead and leave it as my answer though ._.

5. What are some of your favorite older dramas?
I don’t watch super old dramas because of the quality and fashion..I’m so sorry if I sound shallow. That isn’t to say that the older dramas probably have better stories than the more recent ones..but regarding your question, It Started With a Kiss is my favorite. It aired in 2005..I was in 5th grade so I think that’s old enough haha.

6. Do you ever feel like you have the exact same thing to say about different dramas? What do you do to keep your writing fresh and engaging, if anything?
Oh my gosh definitely. Especially about thrillers. It’s always revolving around revenge, love, fate and all that good stuff. Um, usually I try to write about things that not a lot of people are talking about, hopefully I’m being fresh and engaging enough? But definitely the common things that most people say about a drama is a good way to start, and after that you find yourself coming up with other creative ideas or responses.

Questions from simplykrazed

1. Who is your biggest kdrama crush and why?
Kim Woo Bin probably, his screen presence is irresistible.

2. What was your first kdrama you have ever watched?
First one ever watched, Boys Over Flowers. First one ever completed, Que Sera Sera.

3. Are you out of the kdrama closet?( do people know of your obsession with Asian dramas?)
They do, and they never understand me, but they respect my hobby. I think when I mention the word “drama”, they automatically think of dramatic zooms on a person’s face, followed by “dun dun dun” music and credits start rolling…which is kindaaaaaa true lol but still.

4. How did you get into blogging?
I decided one day that I wanted to talk about photography and dramas, so I just made a blog. Getting started is the hard part, but once you do you meet so many amazing people, you just can’t get away! 🙂

5. If you could hang out with a kdrama character who would it be?
Na Jung from Reply to Me 1994.

6. If you could kill one kdrama character who would it be and why?
Kill? Oh how could I do such a…Kim Bong Goo from King 2 Hearts hands down. I still can’t get over the fact that he was the cause of Eun Shi Kyung’s death 😦 He was a monster.

7. Have you ever tried making Korean food after watching a kdrama?
No way. I already can’t cook my own heritage’s food to begin with, and I definitely have no expertise in Asian cooking. Instead I went to a Korean BBQ place.

8. Have you ever been to Korea?
My heart is there.

9. Is there anything that annoys you about kdramas?
Something has been bugging me from the start of this year concerning drama length. It seems no one cannot finish their story in 16 episodes so they are making dramas 24 eps long, 30..50. I wish they would stop. Those are perfectly fine for some, but others can be wrapped in 16 with no problem.

10. What other shows/movies do you like that aren’t Korean?
Well I do watch Taiwanese and Japanese dramas as well. I also love Sherlock BBC.

I’ve been K.O.’ed guys, can’t thank you enough for thinking about me as a nomination 🙂

Board a Ship: Mazume or Shizume

Hirunaka no Ryuushei

I normally do not write about manga’s unless they have been adapted into a drama and I happen to be watching it, but these days I find myself becoming passionately invested in a certain one.  Continue reading “Board a Ship: Mazume or Shizume”