Dramascope (October 2013)

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I am so long overdo for a post, I feel like a stale potato chip. Continue reading “Dramascope (October 2013)”

Dramascope (August 2013)

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A handful of dramas have ended this month and as much as we hate to see their closures, there seems to be a number of new ones rolling in to yet again have us hooked to our screen. I definitely enjoyed the round of dramas that broadcasted during this summer and I’m hoping one would come along that will sweep me off my feet even more than the previous ones already have. Here’s a condensed review of the dramas that have passed and the ones that have now started to premiere. Continue reading “Dramascope (August 2013)”

Dramascope (July 2013)

Dramascope july2013

Cheers to a new segment that I’m starting on this blog. I’m a little shy to call it a new segment when it’s very unoriginal, but until I can come up with something spectacular, this will have to do. It’s very similar to my commentary series where I try to keep an eye on how pedantic my writing can become. I’m currently watching 12 dramas because I’m crazy, and to write about all of them means that I really have no life. So my dramascope posts will be dedicated to first impressions, ending thoughts, or just random babbling about dramas I don’t want to dedicate an entire post to. Also, not sure why I find that breaking grammar rules is cool..just look at my blogger name. Continue reading “Dramascope (July 2013)”

The Queen’s Classroom: A Hidden Gem

The Queen's Classroom
One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein is “You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else.” The Queen’s Classroom was a drama whose name I’ve heard thrown around here and there, and one day I was bored enough to check it out. It’s not a Heartless City with suspense practically gnawing at your throat, but it’s not the fluffy Dating Agency: Cyrano either. This little drama might actually be a hidden gem for those of you who are into the school theme. What is on the surface is a teacher with the face set like a flint, and a classroom of sixth graders who seem like they are getting their first dose of puberty. But what really constitutes The Queen’s Classroom are the rules of society. Continue reading “The Queen’s Classroom: A Hidden Gem”

The Cream of the Crop: Good actors/actresses

Good Actors
Normally when I hear news that a new drama is in talks, I look out for the pretty faces that will soon fill the leading slots. It’s a bit vain, but I just feel watching someone who is aesthetically pleasing is easier on the eyes. However, even if the person looks pretty or handsome, I also need their acting skills to be up to par. The looks are just an extra bonus for me. We may sometimes get caught up in the gorgeous cinematography, compelling script, and pretty leads…but if I could ask, how often do we remember the side characters that probably acted as well as the leads but never got much credit…Most of us would not know them by name, and we might even forget their face. This isn’t a post to point out not-so good-looking people who can act well, but to acknowledge individuals who whatever ever their looks are, have somehow made a lasting impression on me because of their acting chops. Continue reading “The Cream of the Crop: Good actors/actresses”