Morning Dew Playlist #5

CIMG0909 copy

Wanted to try something different with this playlist and I’m hoping to do this again but with even better results! If you followed KpopStar season 2, the brother-sister duo Akdong Musician should be no stranger to you. After deciding to sign with YG I was very afraid of what image the swaggeristic empire of YG would chisel these kiddies into. Continue reading “Morning Dew Playlist #5”

Morning Dew Playlist 4 (Casker Edition)

Morning Dew Playlist 4

First morning dew playlist of the year, and I’m happy to announce that I cordially invited Casker to join me…too bad they have not a single clue. The amazing duo is formed by Yung Jin on vocals and Lee Jun Ho…basically on everything else. This amazing group won my heart since my last morning dew post, but after digging even more into their humble song collection, I’ve become a huge fan. Continue reading “Morning Dew Playlist 4 (Casker Edition)”

Morning Dew Playlist 3

Morning Dew Playlist 3

I love Korean Indie so much more than I love Kpop. Although the Kpop industry has many talented artists, i’m sure they find themselves stuck in a box because really the company they are under are out to make profit. Indie bands have more of opportunity to experiment with different sounds, instruments, and lyrics. The indie scene is very versatile whether it’s Korean, American, or any other culture out there. I appreciate that I don’t have to see girls flailing around killing me with aegyo and boys melting me with their sexy stares in the indie environment. Although you do get that too, but there is so much more you can find in this genre. I’ve recently discovered the electro side to Korean indie…it’s very interesting and something I am willing to give a try. Continue reading “Morning Dew Playlist 3”