Quick Thoughts on Nine: Nine Time Travels

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The literal meaning is Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, but I will refer to it as Nine or Nine: Nine Time Travels which makes more sense. This is just a quick thought on how this drama is going so far. Only 8 episodes have been out, with 12 left to go, this drama is pretty intense. So intense that episode nine’s preview hints at the main character, Park Sun Woo, kicking the bucket. Is this suppose to be symbolic, the main guy dies in episode nine in a show called Nine: Nine Times Time Travel? Well whatever it’s suppose to be, I know some divine power will be intervening because our main guy cannot die. Continue reading “Quick Thoughts on Nine: Nine Time Travels”

That Winter, That Wind Blows Ending Commentary

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Initially I was going to follow up with a That Winter, That Wind Blows episode 8-16 review, but that’s a lot of work. So I’ll only comment on the ending which is what pretty much everyone was unsure about. I had no idea if this drama would follow the movie, and if it did, I repeatedly told myself to prepare my heart for any surprises. My obsession slowly subsided after those 7 episodes, things did get a bit slower, but I’m glad I tuned in. I wouldn’t watch this drama completely all over again, but I will re-watch snippets when I want to see Jo In Sung‘s beautiful face. Continue reading “That Winter, That Wind Blows Ending Commentary”