You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episodes 41-50] + Ending Thoughts

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It’s quite sad that I am so happy to see the ending of this drama, and not for any pleasant reasons. I was going into it with expectations that I usually hold for family dramas. Development of characters and story lines would be much slower than usual, the romance will not start to sizzle till the ending, and there would be an immense number of drama tropes present. Sure. Fine. I can live with that, i’ve gotten through it plenty of times. I was also expecting it to focus a lot more on a family learning to live again after the death of the father, and a young daughter struggling to make it in the acting world. However, You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin gave me the wrong serving. It’s like ordering a burger without cheese even though you are perfectly fine with cheese, then having to find out when you get your burger…it contains cheese. You’re fine with it, but it’s really not what you expected and not at all what you wanted. YTBLSS focused on the repercussions of actions rather than repentance and complete acknowledgement of ones wrongdoings. Instead of us trying to move pass the pain, the characters spent most of their time trying to inflict it on others while hiding their own. It was complete chaos. Continue reading “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episodes 41-50] + Ending Thoughts”

You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episodes 31-40]

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To put it in a nutshell, the good news about this drama is that it finally heard the cries of its viewers and started to move along in terms of story and character development. But the bad news is that the drama is like a blocked ear, when it clears up you let out a sigh of relief that you can finally hear clearly again, but with one sudden move, your ear can go back to being blocked, annoying the heck out of you. YTBLSS is now filled with bits of sweet moments amongst the many angst scenes. They are still bringing out useless plot line arcs that I can care less about, and making us hate characters even more than we originally did. I have yet to see some actual character change…especially in Mi Ryung who I am looking forward to the most to have a change of heart. I had high hopes for this drama, and frankly I think it’s too late for it to make up all the time it has wasted. I am looking forward to it’s last run and to eventually put You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin to rest. Continue reading “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episodes 31-40]”

You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episode 21-30]

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This was probably Soon Shin’s last smile before pandora’s box bursted open. These past 10 episodes have been filled with so much angst, and I’m sure there’s more on the way. I’ll save the major issues I’ve been having with the pacing of this drama because I dedicated a post to it here. I recently listened to Dramabeans’ podcast which included a little tidbit about YTBLSS, and I laughed so much because they took the words right out of my mouth. At this point, I am totally zoned out of this drama, I just want it to finish. It’s been so long since Joon Ho and Soon Shin had some cute interaction, that when they finally got to it in episode 30, my heart was a little cold towards it. If they keep adding in these moments, then I will be able to warm up and feel comfortable with this couple, because at this point, I feel very skeptical. The only character that I’m liking is the baker guy. Everyone else is crazy. Continue reading “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episode 21-30]”

You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episode 17-20]

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 9.42.59 PMMy plan was to go back to episodes 11-16 and write comments on them…but when I started to do just that, there really wasn’t much to write about. Those were some really s l o w episodes, and until episode 17 came along, that’s when things started moving. I actually took the time to make a T-chart listing the differences in plot development between You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin and Ojakgyo Brothers…and alas, I just came to the conclusion that I can’t compare apples to oranges. However, the truth still points to the fact that by this time in the Ojakgyo Brothers story line, I was completely invested in the show more so than how I currently am with Lee Soon Shin. Still, You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin is providing me with some form of entertainment. Is it just me, or not many dramas have been doing just that this month. It’s a barren land out there, I’ve only been keeping up with this drama, Itazura na Kiss, Ten 2, and I’m trying to bite my tongue and continue to watch Jang ok Jung: Living in Love ever since it lost its spark. Enough complaining though, let’s talk about Lee Soon Shin 🙂 Continue reading “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episode 17-20]”

You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episodes 1-10]

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Two of my favorite dramas happen to be weekend dramas just because I am more prone to getting attached to the characters due to the abundance of episodes. Unfortunately, this also means that there will be more conflict, and to people who are not accustomed to watching weekend dramas, it may feel as if the story is dragging. When huge secrets were being disclosed to Soon Shin’s father in episode 4, I was excited but scared because this usually never happens. And because this drama like any other drama abides with the laws of the drama gods, if any character that has good intentions knows a secret that is crucial to almost every conflict being solved, the law says they must be killed off. Poor dad, he’s killed off here and he’s a murderer accomplice in Nine. What kind of roles is this actor picking? Besides the whole plot development of killing off the father, the drama is progressing quite nicely. If anything, this was all a setup to get the ball rolling for Soon Shin and Joon Ho’s relationship as well as many other things. Continue reading “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin Insights [Episodes 1-10]”