Dramascope (Feb 2017)


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Dramascope (October 2013)

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Switch Girl Review

Switch Girl Poster

Switch Girl: The Big Picture
This drama and manga is best to watch and read when you need a good chuckle. It does incorporate some slapstick humor, especially at the beginning of the drama, but along the way things become, well, more dramatic. The manga is a quick read, the drawing is quite pretty, and as far as the story goes, it manages to tackle comedy, romance, and also social issues all at once. The drama also sticks very well to the manga, and kudos to the actors for being able to bring Switch Girl alive, because some of the things Nika does is a little disturbing. Nishiuchi Mariya has some seriously good comedic chops, and she is an actress I will definitely be looking out for in the future. I feel she has the advantage over Kiriyama Renn in showcasing her acting skills in this drama, mainly because more is expected out of her character. She has to switch between two worlds, while Arata’s character, only has to put on glasses…and completely drops the whole act a quarter of the way through the story. All in all, both did quite a good job in bringing both their characters to life, and I enjoyed their screen presence. At the end of the second season, they said: See you till next time…so will there be a season 3? If there will be, I’m not complaining. I love this cast. And I’m really interested to see how Nino and Masumune’s relationship will progress.

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