That Winter, That Wind Blows Ending Commentary

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Initially I was going to follow up with a That Winter, That Wind Blows episode 8-16 review, but that’s a lot of work. So I’ll only comment on the ending which is what pretty much everyone was unsure about. I had no idea if this drama would follow the movie, and if it did, I repeatedly told myself to prepare my heart for any surprises. My obsession slowly subsided after those 7 episodes, things did get a bit slower, but I’m glad I tuned in. I wouldn’t watch this drama completely all over again, but I will re-watch snippets when I want to see Jo In Sung‘s beautiful face. Continue reading “That Winter, That Wind Blows Ending Commentary”

That Winter, That Wind Blows Ep 1-7

I wasn’t sure how to go about writing this post. And even now, I’m still not completely sure…just decided on a whim to write what I’m feeling. I watch dramas by myself, and I keep all my feelings bottled inside, so I’ve decided to let them out on here. Maybe it’s just me. But when I watch dramas, I feel that I don’t look into them very deeply unless I really like it, and it has completely captivated me to the point of obsession. I figured I should use all those english lessons of critically analyzing boring literature and actually put it to good use on something I really enjoy talking about.

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