Dramascope Year 2013: The Year of Iffy Endings

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This year was unlike any other year for me regarding my hobby of watching Asian dramas. I was happy to be able to fully immerse myself in the drama blogging world and connect with others who share the same interest as me. Although this will mark my 3rd year since I began this hobby, this was the first year I became even more invested in analyzing dramas and appreciating them for what they are worth. You may not have watched every single drama that has aired this year, but I hope like I did, you have found one drama that will stay close to your heart for years to come (pssst, Heartless City xD). One pattern I did notice in many of the dramas shown in 2013 were the ambiguous endings. So many of them left us viewers puzzled, angry, and utterly disappointed because the writer decided to leave it up to us to practically guess what the heck happened. I’m not a fan of those type of endings unless they are done right, but hopefully next year we will be able to see explicit closures… I don’t want to have to end up writing my own fanfics in order to get the ending that I want. With all ado, cheers to all of us who have managed to survive yet another year of used up drama tropes, hot oppa’s, nutty families, heinous villains, pesky second leads, and the slew of other bitersweet stuff that we all love and enjoy to indulge in. Continue reading “Dramascope Year 2013: The Year of Iffy Endings”

Dramascope (August 2013)

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A handful of dramas have ended this month and as much as we hate to see their closures, there seems to be a number of new ones rolling in to yet again have us hooked to our screen. I definitely enjoyed the round of dramas that broadcasted during this summer and I’m hoping one would come along that will sweep me off my feet even more than the previous ones already have. Here’s a condensed review of the dramas that have passed and the ones that have now started to premiere. Continue reading “Dramascope (August 2013)”

Discussing The Queen’s Classroom (Ep 7-12) with TenLotus

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What has went down in Teacher Ma’s classroom during the middle episodes may seem like something out of a story book, but in one way or another it manifests itself in schools all over the world. We had a kid attempting arson, another bullying the weak even going as far to inflict punishment with a bat (good thing he was stopped), and students coming close to kissing death. The Queen’s Classroom does well in getting around to each character’s story, and it doesn’t totally let the students who are not part of the main cast not have their moment to shine. Teacher Ma continues to bring me to tears because she is really there for the benefit of the children. As we learn more about her, it seems her background will be very empowering. TenLotus and I have yet again taken the challenge of delving into the savory goodness The Queen’s Classroom has to offer. If you will, don’t be shy to lend us your thoughts as well 🙂

Visit Tidal Kpop where TenLotus posted her version of this discussion 🙂

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Discussing The Queen’s Classroom (Ep 1-6) with TenLotus

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Not too long ago I wrote a post about the drama, The Queen’s Classroom, being a hidden gem. I was very happy to find out that not only me but other bloggers have thought of this drama as something special. I thank TenLotus for inviting me to talk more about it! Please support her blog, she is a great writer, and I’m sure you will find something to be inspired by on her blog! This is our first time ever doing a collaboration, so please bare with us. We really wanted to dig deep into this drama so I hope you don’t mind the length. It’s always a pleasure to find someone who likes to rave about the same things you do, and so we chose to rave about The Queen’s Classroom in all its grandeur. If you’re not watching TQC, there are spoilers ahead so be aware, and if you are watching it, agree or disagree with us. Your thoughts are all welcomed.

Link to TenLotus’s Post: The Conversation: Talking About ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ with Analogueblues [Ep. 1-6]

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The Queen’s Classroom: A Hidden Gem

The Queen's Classroom
One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein is “You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else.” The Queen’s Classroom was a drama whose name I’ve heard thrown around here and there, and one day I was bored enough to check it out. It’s not a Heartless City with suspense practically gnawing at your throat, but it’s not the fluffy Dating Agency: Cyrano either. This little drama might actually be a hidden gem for those of you who are into the school theme. What is on the surface is a teacher with the face set like a flint, and a classroom of sixth graders who seem like they are getting their first dose of puberty. But what really constitutes The Queen’s Classroom are the rules of society. Continue reading “The Queen’s Classroom: A Hidden Gem”