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I’ve always been quite intrigued with the Asian culture. I remember it being a ritual to watch Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z with my brother on Saturday mornings. Also, my brother frequently bought Shōnen Jump to digest in his teenage boy addiction of Bleach and Naruto. Honestly, I would never have expected his fetish to transfer over to me…and I’m so happy it did. I’ve only been watching dramas for two years and some change. My goal is to watch 100 Asian dramas and movies, but since I usually watch the currently airing ones that might take some time. I love to watch South Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas and movies, but personally I prefer Korean ones. Since the day I started to indulge in Korean dramas, I’ve come to appreciate the Korean culture. I think the language flows really nicely off the tongue, the food (although I haven’t had the opportunity to taste much of it) seems to be really delicious, and their music is a sweet listen (especially the indie genre). It’s quite exciting to learn so many things about Korea through their dramas. Even though dramas can be unrealistic and don’t fully capture the true heart of the country, I’ve learned many things from them. I do look out for blogs and youtube channels where I can get more of a personal view on how it really is over there (Eatyourkimichi? OH YOU SO NASTAYYY). Hopefully one day I will be able to experience it myself. To cut to the chase, below I am listing all the dramas and movies I’ve seen thus far. I rate each drama out of 4 stars.

Korean Dramas:
1. Que Sera Sera*
2. Prosecutor Princess*
3. Princess Hours*
4. Mischievous Kiss*
5. Sungkyunkwan Scandal*
6. Shining Inheritance*
7. Creating Destiny*
8. Coffee Prince*
9. Who Are You?*
10. My Princess**
11. Dream High*
12. 9 End 2 Outs*
13. Secret Garden**
14. 49 Days**
15. Lie To Me*
16. Romance Town*
17. Can You Hear My Heart*
18. City Hunter*
19. I Need Romance*
20. Heartstrings*
21. Spy Myung-Wol*
22. Smile, You***
23. Killer Girl K (Drama Special)*
24. Protect the Boss**
25. Birdie Buddie*
26. Vampire Prosecutor***
27. Wild Romance*
28. Ojakgyo Brothers***
29. History of a Salaryman**
30. The Moon That Embraces the Sun**
31. Dream High 2*
32. Operation Proposal*
33. Ten*
34. King 2 Hearts**
35. Rooftop Prince*
36. Hero*
37. Queen In Hyun’s Man***
38. Big*
39. A Gentleman’s Dignity*
40. Bridal Mask***
41. Haeundae Lovers*
42. To the Beautiful You*
43. Arang and the Magistrate**
44. Vampire Prosecutor 2*
45. Ohlala Spouses*
46. Answer Me 1997***
47. Can We Get Married?*
48. Shut up Flower Boy Band*
49. School 2013*
50. Flower Boy Next Door*
51. That Winter, That Wind Blows**
52. Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek*
53. Nine: Nine Time Travels**
54. Ten 2**
55. The Great Gye Choon Bin (Drama Special)*
56. Heartless City***
57. I Hear Your Voice**
58. Monstar*
59. The Queen’s Classroom**
60. You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin*
61. The Master’s Sun**
62. Unemployment Romance*
63. Heirs*
64. Mirae’s Choice*
65. Answer Me 1994**
66. Adolescent Medley (Drama Special)**
67. Man From Another Star**
68. What Kind of Goodbye (Drama Special)*
69. Emergency Couple*
70. God’s Gift-14 Days*
71. Miss Korea**
72. Three Days*
73. Vampire Flower* (Miniseries)
74. Doctor Stranger*
75. Angel Eyes*
76. Fated to Love You**
78. Reset*
79. Secret Love Affair**
80. My Secret Hotel*
81. Liar Game*
82. Joseon Gunman*
83. Good Doctor*
84. Marriage Not Dating**
85. Bad Guys**
86. High school King of Savvy*
87. Pinocchio***
88. Healer*
89. Punch**
90. Dr. Frost*
91. Angry Mom**
92. It’s Okay, It’s Love**
93. Girl Who Sees Smells**
94. Hogu’s Love**
95. Falling for Innocence*
96. Heard it Through the Grapevine***
97. Missing Noir M*
98. The Producers**
99. My Love Eun Dong**
100. I Remember You**
101. The Time I Loved You*
102. Oh My Ghost***
103. Noble, My Love*
104. Second Time Twenty Years old*
105. Oh My Venus**
106. I Order You*
107. Reply to Me 1988**
108. All About My Mom*
109. Cheese in the Trap*
110. Signal**
111. Descendants of the Sun*
112. Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi*
113. Thumping Spike*
114. Baek-hee has Returned*
115. Another Oh Hae Young**
116. Dear My Friends***
117. The Good Wife**
118. Drinking Solo**
119. Jealously Incarnate**
120. Shopping King Louie**
121. 1% of Anything***
122. Go Ho’s Starry Night*
123. Goblin*

Korean Movies:
1. Baby and Me**
2. My Tutor Friend*
3. Attack of the Pinup Boys*
4. 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant*
5. 200 Pounds Beauty*
6. He Was Cool*
7. Seducing Mr. Perfect**
8. The Art of Seduction*
9. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do*
10. A Millionaires First Love*
11. My Mighty Princess*
12. My Little Bride***
13. My Naughty Granddaughter In-law*
14. Love me Not*
15. Love So Divine*
16. My Girlfriend is an Agent*
17. Marrying a Millionaire*
18. Heartbreak Library*
19. Unstoppable Marriage*
20. My Boyfriend is a Type B*
21. Kiss Me, Kill Me**
22. Surprise Party*
24. My Mini Black Dress*
25. Duelist**
26. Shotgun Love*
27. Innocent Steps**
28. A Moment To Remember**
29. The Man From Nowhere***
30. A Dirty Carnival**
31. Art of Fighting*
32. My Sassy Girl**
33. Sunny***
34. Cyrano Agency*
35. My Gangster Lover*
36. Only You**
37. Chilling Romance*
38. Penny Pinchers*
39. The Crucible***
40. I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Ok*
41. Dancing Queen*
42. Introduction to Architecture*
43. Mr. Housewife*
44. Finding Mr. Destiny*
45. Open City*
46. Over My Dead Body*
47. Neverending Story*
48. Couples*
49. Wolfboy**
50. A Company Man*
51. Love 911**
52. Meet the In-laws*
53. Haunters**
54. Holly**
55. As One**
56. Miracle in Cell No.7***
57. The Thieves**
58. Secretly, Greatly*
59. The Scent*
60. All About My Wife*
61. Temperature of Love*
62. Catch Me*
63. Blood Boiling Youth*
64. Friends 2*
65. The Berlin File**
66. The Suspect*
67. Miss Granny**
68. For the Emperor*
69. Queen of the Night*
70. My Brilliant Life**
71. Love Forecast*
72. My Love My Bride**
73. The Royal Tailor*
74. Twenty**
75. Chronicles of a Blood Merchant*
76. Marriage Blues*
77. The Beauty Inside*
78. Like for Likes*
79. Train to Busan**
80. The Flu**
81. Remember You*
82. Phantom Detective**
83. Pained*
84. Oldboy***
85. I Saw the Devil**
86. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance*
87. Sympathy for Lady vengeance***
88. Coin Locker Girl*

Taiwanese Dramas:
1. Smiling Pasta*
2. Fated to Love You*
3. Devil Beside You*
4. Easy Fortune Happy Life*
5. Sweet Relationship*
6. Romantic Princess*
7. It Started With A Kiss****
8. They Kissed Again****
9. Sunny Happiness*
10. In Time With You*
11. In a Good Way**

Taiwanese Movies:
1. Lovesick*
2. Love in Disguise*
3. College Confidential*

Japanese Dramas:
1. Tatta Hitotsu no Koi*
2. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge**
3. Lady Saigo no Hanzai Profile*
4. Zenkai Girl**
5. Rich Man, Poor Woman**
6. Switch Girl**
7. Switch Girl 2*
8. Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo**
9. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo*
10. Tokyo Bandwagon**
11. Legal High**
12. Legal High 2*
13. Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo 2***
14. Ouroboros**
15. 5-ji kara 9-ji made
16. Love Song**
14. Please Love the Useless Me*
15. Good Morning Call*
16. Hapi Mari*
17. Sukina Hito ga Irun Koto*
18. Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu**

Japanese Movies:
1. Kimi ni Todoke Live Action**
2. Kyou Koi Hajimemashite Live Action**
3. Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi no Sasagu**
4. Bokura Ga Ita Live Action
5. Nodame Cantabile Special 1&2*
6. Kinkyori Renai*
7. As the Gods Will**
8. Clover*
9. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji*
10. Senpai to Kanojo*
11. Chihayafuru Kami no Ku*
12. I am a Hero*

Chinese Dramas
1. Love 020**
2. When a Snail Falls in Love**
3. Ode to Joy***
4. Love Me if You Dare**

Chinese Movies
1. Sophie’s Revenge*

1. Watashi Kekkon Dekinai Janakute, Shinain desu
2. Doctors
3. The Lovers
4. W
5. Jimi ni Sugoi Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko
6. Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

Looking out for:

Updated on Dec 31, 2016.

2 thoughts on “Asian Drama/Movie List”

  1. Ojakgyo Brothers – you are the third or fourth blog site that mentions this Drama. Gonna watch it soon. Thank you for your blog. Your Motto is really great. Everyone should live life that way. I was a Photography/Art major years ago. I enjoy seeing your Art. Best of luck to you.

    1. Thank YOU for your lovely comment! Oh I do hope you enjoy Ojakgyo Brothers, it’s well worth the watch 🙂 I wish I had the guts to do a photography major, but my passion really lies in the medical field. I hope it all worked out for you–doing what you love 😀

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