I Love Mi Rae’s Choice

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Whether or not me falling in love with this drama so soon is a bad thing is yet to be determined. Only 4 episodes have passed, and the more I think about it, the more excited I become. Mi Rae’s Choice is something we’ve seen before, yet what makes it feel so different? I think i’m just a sucker for plots that involve an amateur person being thrown into a dog-eat-dog like business and finding the courage and strength to make something of themselves. The present Mi Rae seems like she’s been on a time machine herself rather than future Mi Rae (check out those funky outfits). Which I completely understand from a person who has spent years at a dead end job, let alone one that demands customer service. When you are doing that sort of job, time pretty much stops for you, and when you get the chance to pick yourself up again, to a certain degree it’s exciting and burdensome because you feel so old compared to the up and coming perky youngsters.

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I love Kim Shin and Na Mi Rae together. Like what in the world is future Mi Rae trying to do to her past self? The only “bad” thing worth mentioning about him is that he can be a bit prideful. Well that makes sense since Na Mi Rae is the total opposite, and dramas swear that opposites attract. It really bothers me that future Mi Rae is keen on changing the fates when NOTHING is going her way. And to make matters even worst, she seems to be doing all of this for the wrong reasons. I loved when present Mi Rae told off her future self for wanting to grab a man just so she can be comfortable in the future. You could definitely look at this drama from a feministic perspective, of which it totally does not favor. Especially with Seo Yoo Kyung being in a higher ranking position, yet having to kiss the butts of her superiors by doing unnecessary things. Contrastingly, you don’t really see that with the men, especially Kim Shin who goes head to head with the CEO who is a woman, and completely makes her submit to what he wants, and to what everyone else wants.

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Speaking about Yoo Kyung, her aegyo makes me shutter, and the first time she was introduced I did not like her. However, after episode 4 I’ve come to respect the role she will be playing in this love square. She totally knows that Kim Shin is digging Na Mi Rae, and she is using that to drive those two together so she can have Se Joo all for herself. Marvelous. As long as she isn’t much of a threat, she can do all the aegyo she wants. Also, Park Se Joo is such a nice chaebol 🙂 He’s really down to earth and caring and he seems to fit well with Mi Rae….Boorrrringgggg! When Kim Shin and Na Mi Rae are together, those two light up the screen. I can feel the passionate love growing between them…or maybe it’s just me becoming overly giddy when he stares at Mi Rae and handles her very gently. Ugh. The guy is a gent.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.31.49 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.32.32 PM

Rules of the Time Warp (So far)

1. Time warping is a gamble. You can be transported anywhere and at any time.

2. You can only stay in the place you were transported to for roughly 1-2 months.

3. You are not allowed to mess with the fates of your past self or others. There are consequences if you do.

4. A day feels like a month and every day you seem to age at a faster pace than if you had not time warped.

5. (???) There’s a mysterious chest pain you may feel because your time in the transported world is running out. This is still unknown, and is probably not a “rule” but an effect of the time warping.

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Mi Rae’s Choice, Future Choice, Marry Him if You Dare…whichever one you want to call it continues to air on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Please give it a try if you haven’t! 🙂

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