I Hate Mirae’s Choice

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It took me a while to just sit down and marathon the last 4 episodes of Mirae’s Choice because I couldn’t stomach it any longer. I know I named this post harshly, but it’s because it accurately depicts my emotions towards how this drama concluded, which is a stark contrast to how I felt when it first started. I began my “I Love Mirae’s Choice” post saying I wasn’t sure whether falling in love with the story too soon was bad, and here I am about to totally bash it. One thing I can take is a drama being ok-ish in the beginning and just falling apart towards the end, but it really hits me when one starts off so well with so much to bargain for, to only let it account to nothing. I’m sorry to Yoon Eun Hye who keeps picking these suckish rom-coms (Lie to Me was bad but still better than this crappy mess). This was my first time watching Lee Dong Gun act and he was seriously amazing and did the best he could…The actor, not his character. I wish I could send Yoo Kyung to Lacuna to get her memory erased because she is the only character who deserves to not remember Se Joo the noob and gain another chance at finding the love of her life.

Grievances of Mirae’s Choice

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*The chemistry between the OTP..let me say that again, THE OTP (MI RAE x KIM SHIN), was heart pounding and alive. The very fact that they did not kiss at all and the only “romance” that was exchanged happened during flashbacks is utterly depressing. Whatever planet, whatever timeline, whatever era…Mirae and Kim Shin are fated. I’m sorry to those who actually shipped Se Joo and Mirae, she did not truly with all her heart love him. Her facial expressions whenever he brought up marriage or outing their relationship in general was filled with half disgust and half confusion.

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*This drama dragged on with Se Joo for far too long. The first time Mirae turned him down when he tried to give her the flowers should have been the appointed death of his unrequited love. I absolutely loathe characters who try to push their way into someone else’s heart when they know it’s not making the other person happy. You have tried numerous times, and it’s still not working, please just give up.

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*For all I know, present Mirae shouldn’t have even been a character. Future Mirae stole the limelight and completely shined it in our eyes. When we told her we had enough, she just kept it there, and now in the end I am left hating her guts. Yes, present Mirae went through a change because of her future self coming back. She became more confident in her WORK, but forget about her love life, she had absolutely no backbone. I find myself seeing that Mirae didn’t change that much. I was expecting her to resist her future self’s wishes along with Shin until the end but no, everyone just let future Mirae juggle them in her hands.

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*Mirae did not have a choice. How in the world do you name this drama as Mirae’s Choice, and a secondary character (future Mirae) is the one making most of the choices not to mention it was not worthwhile because nothing she does will change the present Mirae since she’s a completely different person. I can only laugh. This writer is loco in the head.

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*The ambiguous ending. Again, the name of the drama is Mirae’s Choice, or Marry Him if You Dare…to only have the viewers play a “guess who” game in the end is just mind boggling. Who does this?? Like seriously. I believe Kim Shin won the final round because of the photos that future Mirae gets in the end. The thing that connected Mirae and Kim Shin was their son, Gun. If anything, Mirae could have sent pictures of her and Se Joo living it up, but instead it was with her and a baby. Also, to have the drama fast forward to Christmas eve, which was the same time Mirae was expecting to seal the deal with Kim Shin as his love is important too.

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If I offended any diehard Se Joo X Mirae shippers out there, I hope you will respect my opinion, as I will yours. I had some serious high hopes for Mirae’s Choice but was completely let down by the execution. Kim Shin became really 2-dimensional in the end, only turning a cold shoulder to Mirae and becoming a total jerk. Se Joo kept trying to wedge himself into Mirae’s heart and was in complete denial about who she really loved. Yoo Kyung was left to make a career for herself which was a let down. I’m happy for her, but she has had this ongoing battle with being used as an object by men, I really wanted her to find someone who loved her. We found out future Mirae’s blast from the future was futile, ugh, if I keep going i’ll just keep making my blood boil. If you enjoyed this drama, cheers, but this was not my cup of tea. I would not recommend it to a soul.

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*All photos used in this post belong to Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

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