Photo Series | 3 x 5


These days the weather has been less than ideal for me, and I find myself yearning for some sunshine. And if there is sun, its looks are deceiving and it’s really cold outside. So naturally, I’ve opted to stay in the warmth of my home than having my fingers freeze off. This has caused me to spend more time on Instagram and browsing through old photos of mine because I’m itching to create something. While browsing, I found that there were many instances where I didn’t like the entirety of a photo, but when I cropped it I did. So I decided to make a series called 3 x 5 with the cropped edits of these “reject” photos. I normally shy away from shooting things vertically unless it’s with my iphone, but these days I’ve been really into it.

I’m still working on 3 new film types loaded onto 3 different cameras (Fujicolor 100 w/ Pentax K1000/ Kentmere 100 w/ Minolta X-700/ Kodak Portra 160 w/ Pentax Espio Mini). The process of finishing all these rolls has been taking some time because the weather sucks and I’m also trying my best to try out different photography styles and subject matter. As for subject matter, you will notice a lot of depictions of the sky and clouds in this series. At one point I did want to try to stop shooting the sky so much, but as I try to find my own photographic style, I realized capturing the sky is apart of my photography and I shouldn’t shun it.



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