Morning Dew Playlist 2

Flowers copy

Here’s another look at my current Korean indie playlist. I am using the term indie very loosely in these playlist series. I think instead of terming it indie, I’m going to say Morning Dew which encompasses all soft, warm, fuzzy music that I like to listen to from time to time. Some songs are sung by artists who are considered kpop idols, but the sound of the song they are singing doesn’t remind me too much of the kpop genre. Some are songs that came out long ago but that I have just discovered, and there are others that have come out recently. I also include drama ost’s which are not exactly indie, but they can also provide the same soft sound if you are into that. Here is my first Morning Dew Playlist. Enjoy!

Akdong-Musician1. Cappuccino- 316
2. All About You- 316
3. I Want to Hold You Like Crazy Sometimes- Autumn Holiday
4. Polaroid Piano- 10cm
5. Can’t Go On My Own- Clazziquai Project
6. Ajusshi- J. Rabbit
7. You are Attractive- Akdong Musician
8. Don’t Cross Your Leg- Akdong Muscian
9. Love Recipe- Clazziquai Project
10. Love In The Milky Way Cafe- 10cm
11. Oh Yeah- 10cm
12. But I’m Sleepy- 10cm
13. Don’t Let Me Go- 10cm
14. Today’s Song- Nonolina
15. Brown Hair- Ku Hye Sun
16. Spring loll- Humming
17. Cherry Pie- 맹유나
18. Lemon Pie- Standing Egg
19. Earthling?- 10cm
20. Miss Flower- Standing Egg
21. Brunch- Ga-in and Hyung Woo
22. Let Me In- Ga-In and Hyung Woo
23. Am I Strange- Lee Hi
24. Because- Lee Hi
25. Fool for Love- Lee Hi

 DSC_13471. Carbon Paper- Yesung (That Winter, That Wind Blows)
2. Snowflake- Gummy (That Winter, That Wind Blows)
3. Winter Love- The One (That Winter, That Wind Blows)
4. And One- Taeyeon (That Winter, That Wind Blows)
5. You are Everywhere- Big Baby Driver (A Gentleman’s Dignity)
6. Just Once- 4Men (Queen In Hyun’s Man)
7. Talkin bout’ Love- J. Rabbit (Flower Boy Next Door)
8. My Heart- F.I.X (Ojakgyo Brothers)
9. I Love You- Akdong Musician (All About My Love)

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