QUIZ: How Well Do You Know It Started with a Kiss?

It Started with a Kiss p1

Since I’m a diehard fan of the story Itazura na Kiss, it has become a tradition for me to watch It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again every year. Although I could go on and on about how much I adore ArJoe and how I have convinced myself to believe that there will be some sort of ISWAK 3 in the coming years, I settled with a good ole quiz. My threshold was first set to 20 questions, which quickly became 25 and finally 32. If you hate multiple choice tests like I do, I beg you to forgive me..but at least this would be something that you are interested in. I had questions concerning all 30 episodes, but then my hard drive decided to fail for the fourth time and I lost the questions for the last 5 episodes or so. Lazy me didn’t want to think them up again..and if I did you would be taking a 50 question quiz, which is a no-no. For you Standard Mandarin speakers who are taking this, if there is anything off with my spelling please do not be afraid to tell me, or if you are an extreme fanatic of Itazura like me and I may have gotten a fact wrong, don’t be afraid to point it out.

I tried to make it difficult so hopefully it is 😉 If enough people take it, I will consider doing They Kiss Again as well. ENJOY 🙂

2 thoughts on “QUIZ: How Well Do You Know It Started with a Kiss?”

  1. YAY, IT’S OUT!
    Holyyy, you watch ISWAK and TKA every year? ISWAK (and TKA, I’m sure) is so lovely and watchable; I could see myself doing the same if I had more time. ^^

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